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New Yorker 86 Colour by Omar-Dogan New Yorker 86 Colour by Omar-Dogan
So here it is in all its glory, my 1986 Chrysler New Yorker Turbo. This was one of, my favourite cars that i owned in my life.

First the car: 1986 Chrysler New Yorker with the prefered 2.2l 4 cyl turbo giving it 150hp. I bought it in 1994 and it had 186 000km on it. It only cost me $2000CAD and i was 17 years old.

Despite the looks, the car did not weigh much over 3000lbs, and next to a 2005 4 door sedan Corolla it would look about the same size. It was FWD, and you could hear the super laggy turbo spool up under acceleration. I topped it out down hill at 199km/h (Digital dash ran out of numbers) and it would get you to 100km/h faster than most of your friends cars no prob.

Now what you see here is a New Yorker with the slight mods I did. I painted the grill black, and the light frames black as well, and got rid of the white walls and spoke hubcabs. I fixed any rust on it by sanding and painting it. Very little rust actually, but the front windsheld had a water leak in the upper passenger side corner. There was one hole in the trunk which was sealed with duct tape.

Most problems can be solved with duct tape BTW.

This car had the digital dashboard and talked to you, telling you things like "Your door is ajar" (For the record my door never was a jar, it was a door).

It had by far, and I love cars and have been in many cars, the most comfortable seats EVER. Any of my friends who have actually sat in it fell asleep within minutes. Crushed Velour!! Do you understand!!? The eighties was all about couch seats in cars, and this was the case par excellence.

I drove this car across Canada and on logging roads in BC through mud when i went to go and plant trees. This car gave me many kms of service.

Eventually i lost it to an cracked block after it over heated. The thermostat on the dash was busted, and by the time I could pull over to the nearest Canadian Tire to buy some coolant, it was too late. I was a stupid kid , I thought i had refilled the rad by filling the overflow reservoir. That was not the case.

One of the cheapest cars to fix, and honestly one of the toughest and most reliable i ever had considering the punishment it took.

It really was an awesome car for a kid, though you wouldn't think it.

BW: 3 hours lots of lines.
Colour: Corel Photopaint 8
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chryslerboy98 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
Beautiful 😍
timid-wolf Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny you mention that actually. My first car was a New Yorker, and I still miss that thing
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
it was great, id like to make a project car out of it and match a 5spd manual to it as the 2.2l turbo had a 5sp varient in the shelby daytona.
timid-wolf Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Would definitely be a cool project
DRAG0NSUSHI Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
I almost got something similar which was a 85 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z with the same 2.2L I4. Great car, quick in a straight line but handled like a carnival float. Sadly it was a missed opportunity, the car was sold before I had all of the money.
chuhaus Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
love your world
KriptroniK Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Student
your cars are aweome!
dmgdmg Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
My aunt has a 1984 turbo. Its white and awesome.
Radiant-Grey Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks an awful lot like my Chrysler LeBaron! 1988 model. It also had that overheating problem with the unreliable thermostat. I ended up trying to drive it to the shop with huge billowing clouds of steam pouring out of my exhaust *_* That was a damn nightmare! Same coolant/radiator problems and yes, my engine block got cracked too. Replaced it fully and it lasted less than 4 more months until the the car just ended up dying while in motion and I had to coast it into its final resting spot!

Ironically I replaced it with a 04 Corolla - like you mentioned in comparison
Charmed-Banksian-733 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Did your car have the EVA system too? "Please fasten your seatbelts. Thank you."
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Professional General Artist
Yes, and my door was always 'Ajar' and not open.
SonicFanXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
Wow, very nice, I love these 86' New Yorkers, they're very luxurious!!!
aezakmiNemesis Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
Nice, i love Chryslers and Dodges
MRANG Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
Le-Clutch Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
Awesome job man, must've been fun bragging about your car, 'Hey guise, it's got a turbo and it can fit more than four people!'

Man, the New Yorker was an amazing car, but hey, the 300 makes a great replacement.
BerberP Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010  Professional General Artist
this is so awesome.. can you please maybe consider making an tutorial about how you colour this?
Trance88 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2010
Back in the early to mid 90's My parents had an 86 LeBaron GTS that also had the digital dash and talked. I remember "please fasten your seatbelts", "Your door is ajar" and "Your fuel is low".

Awesome job on the art!
herhighnesskushina Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Your mastery of the use of colors is so great it's humbling...I'm stunned...!
blackroser7 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Nmaa... Wow. You actually made a Chrysler New Yorker seem... desirable! I didn't even know that they came turbocharged!! I'm amazed that you got so many good memories out of it (being that you're a car guy and it's, well, an '86 New Yorker)! Looks like not all of 'em came out of the factory with atrocious quality flaws!
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009  Professional General Artist
Mine must have been built on a Wednesday.
blackroser7 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Nmaa... Now that you mention it, today is Wednesday, so have a Merry Christmas!
xUnDeRdOgx Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009
OMG.. where did u take this photo???
^^ nicely done.
Stallison Featured By Owner May 17, 2009
The first car I drove was a 1980s Dodge Dynasty, and it looks very similar to the New Yorker. Everyone I knew thought it was ugly, but there is something I find very interesting in cars that have sharp straight and diagonal lines. Very nice drawing, I love the detail! I am thoroughly impressed :+fav:
AgentC-24 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This Chrysler may not be my fave, but this art is absolutely stunning! Perfect accuracy and nice lighting! :highfive:
Ignition44 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Oops, I meant too say 2010 Buick Roadmaster, not 2019 Roadmaster.
Ignition44 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
WHOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS A COOL AZZ HELL CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New Yorkers conquers all!!!! I love tha old cars, but theres A certain kind of cars that I like from back in the day.I like Lincoln Towncars (old and new), Mecury Marquis (old ones), Buick Roamasters (theres an article on the 2009 And 2019 Buck Roadmaster, I like the old and new ones), usually the cars that look like big tanks LOL.I think the genre of those type of cars are Luxury, RIGHT? I dont know really, A little help please............
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009  Professional General Artist
I learned to drive in a Lincoln towncar,

I can parallel park a cruiseliner after driving that .
Ignition44 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh cool, I wanna by one when I get my drivers liscense in A few moths
Seppukumaru Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2009
Great sales pitch!
I wasn't interested before, but now I'd like to get my hands on one of these. =)
Calvinclyke Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009  Professional General Artist
Pro Pimpin.
neomiguelangel Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing job on a great car. Looks like a Mercedes' enemy on a 80's series:XD:
sweetangel0467 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
wow, now I want a car like that ^^ it's nice btw :D
oNiMafia Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
brings back memories
seesic Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2008
I HAD A NEW YORKER! Grey though, not nearly as cool as the black...

Did yours have the automated voice commands? "Your door is ajar." xD
TatsujinEdge Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008
Hmm awesome job stylish choice for a first car :D
ultranegro254 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
now that is tha shit!!!! i own a 1988 cadillac fleetwood brougham d elegance myself lol
K-hermann Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Professional Filmographer
holy shit! you are fuckin good O__O
Omar-Dogan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Professional General Artist
Working hard.
K-hermann Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Professional Filmographer
i know, but still you know well what you draw and manage well the details.
you should work for BMW/or chrysler as car designer haha.^__O
Nightweaver20XX Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
If I drew this well I'd tell my boss to go screw herself tomorrow and go get a job drafting professionally. This is wicked tight.

Even if it is a crappy k-car. :p
MagicSean Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
I love the sentiment towards the car in the descrip :)

Why do some guys love there cars soooo much? Is it because we will own fewer cars than we will have relationships, therefore increasing thyre emotional value because of rarity? Is it the (for the most part) unquestioning loyalty? I for one don't know the answer, but I do know that I miss my old cars more than my old girlfriends, lol.

RIP '71 VW Beetle (rolled in a race) - I learned all about fixing brakes and mufflers on this car.
Adios '72 Chevy Malibu (sold for rent money when I finally got kicked out of the house). Learned all about engine tuning and chasis electrical on her + I had car-sex for the first time in her luxurious back seat.

I currently own a '01 Honda Civic which fits my 9' surf board INSIDE when I fold the back seats and the passenger seat. No room for anyone else though, although since it's a four-door the strap-on roof-rack works really well when I'm on a surf mission with my crew.

Panzerfire Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
wow that's awesome. Some more detail, dirt and reflexion effects and the picture would look like a photo. This is some real good work.
phayce Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
you handled this very well.
StreetSurfer Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008  Professional
awsome looking car reminds me of my first car, it was my dad's Peugeot 405, beautiful car to drive and learn, the seats were awsome (slept in it a couple of times never woke up tired.). i actualy loved the car so much i bought a 405 for myself ( but a ''sportier'' version), love it, needs some work tho on the engine (bought it with the crank in poor condition) so i don't dare drive it yet.
joverine Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008  Professional General Artist
tremeroz Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
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