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Juri For Fun

This is a panel grab from some thing coming up that i decided to colour up nicely.

Juri is the best SF character IMO. Click LOVE below if you agree!
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She is quite fun! ;)
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Hi there Jolyne Kujo. :3
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Wow, the pose looks great!!! so dynamic and realistic :D
Altair-Ezio's avatar
Your arts are amazing Love 
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lol best ? do you wanna use her against my Rosy ?

my win ratio "vs. her" is 87% (mostly A grade Juri players) ;)
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Impressive posing, though her face seems unemotive to me, which is very unlike Juri.
joeFJ's avatar
Wow finally. It's hard to find a decent Unofficial Capcom Juri pic. Nice Job!
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Thanks for all the comments on this and other posts!
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Other than that, she is one of my favorite SF characters. She's very hot and seductive, but she's deadly.
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I've watched a ton of online Japanese matches on Youtube and I've hardly seen any good Juri players. From what I've learn about most Juri players is that they use the Fung Shei Engine instead of the other Ultra. The only time I see Juri lose is if she goes against a Dan player.
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yes this character is really fun
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yes! crouching fierce ftw :3
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I clicked love because Juri is indeed the best one, and doing her crouching HP was such a good idea! Awesome.
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Great job, this pose realy captures the effect of movement.
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Love this piece. The internet needs more Juri artwork like this.
WingedDivinity's avatar
best you say.personal favorite,i take it? she does look sexy,but i have not played the newer games from this series
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This is so awesome!!! I love Juri! Her hair and costume are so cool!
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that is absolutely stunning!! One of your best yet by far IMO
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