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So this is my first colouring job in CS4.

This program feels like a complete h4x0r thing it is so good. I am doing all my work on CS from now on, and I am glad I finally had time to learn it.

Old school Photopaint still is very useful for flats and whatnot, but final colours will be in CS from now on.

As for the girl she is named Jess and she is from my upcoming art book. Took a long time to colour but mostly because i was getting used to the keys, and big thanks to the fans on blogtv who helped m out with getting to know the interface.

BW: Micron and pencils
Colours: CS4
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Omg that's my girlfriends name and this looks exactly like her I spit out my drink when I saw this.
joeFJ's avatar
lol like a pop star XD
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Nice work on the shading and facial expresion :clap:
i really love it :heart:
Firexxv's avatar
nice work here.. she looks like nina from breath of fire iv...
Vampire-Logic's avatar
...Jess???? THATS MY NAME!!! =D
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
*Whistles* .. lovely work .. i can see improvements and changes here and there to how you do colors compared to your previous works .. keep it up and i'm sure you will be dazzling us with more amazing stuff once you get all the nitty-gritty functions of CS4 and learn it inside-out.

Back to the drawing .. i really love her playful expression and her haircut ... but i only have one critique if you don't mind .. the sides of her mouth are kinda too sharp it feels they have been cut by a knife (Joker style XD) .. it's a little distracting but no big deal XD

Keep it up Omar.
reyendo's avatar
She looks a little like Millia Rage
Ryouba-Blue's avatar
Hey this is pretty good
QueenDragonLeaf's avatar
I featured this in my journal [link] :D ^^; :D
DigitalRippleARTs's avatar
Omg! Where can I hear new and updates of your Art Book Release?!

I will buy one right away! :D
928's avatar
Absolutely astounding :heart:
joekey's avatar
Shes got the O face going on, ftw!
2EpicVacency's avatar
WolvesKey's avatar
Awesome! Love the bold colours :)
sil3ntm08i0us's avatar
2EpicVacency's avatar
Alice in wonderland. Dam bunnys always tryin to multiply.
RayArtz's avatar
Hi Omar, quick question--Are you still working on the art book?
I was just curious if you thought it'd be out by SDCC or not, I'll certainly be picking one up along with the Felicia print!
cleaveice's avatar
This is very . . . >.< cant say it . ..
:omfg: well done! i'll put you into my collection ^o^
thestefan's avatar
freakin beautiful.i cant find any flaw with it.your the man.
enigma-rain's avatar
I thought I would show this to you. I'm not sure if it constitutes art theft, but I figure that should be left to you.

Satchira's avatar
I love her expression ! Great work !
Hush404's avatar
I always love your rich, well shaded color scheme.
SergiLove's avatar
❤‿❤ D-a-z-z-l-i-n-g~!
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