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Ibuki Hot 2

Ibuki, what more could you want in a female character?

I appologise to all the people who have visited me at the cons, because i am constantly drawing her. To the fellow who bought this sketch in AX 2008, this is now an official alt costume for her that i have drawn on two other occassions.

As for the style, yes it is loose and dirty. I don't know, i started out shding her in all nice, but then I said eff it. Crap, I am always doing the same shiz over and over again so here is something new. And it was freaking fun!

This is of course not to suggest that this is how I will colour from now on, but for this sketch it just feeled right.

I know i can shade the crap out of it, but i just didnt see it that way this time. A con sketch is supposed to be quick and dirty, and i elected to utilize the same technique here.

I imagine she has just finished off some heavy training, and you are asking her questions like when you started fighting etc. Or perhaps that kind of cocky look in her eyes is from you challenging her.

Quite the narcisist with her name across her shirt lol. As if she wants to remind you who exactly is kicking your ass lest you forget.

BW: 2H pencil and the F-301 Ballpen
Time: BW 40 mins / Colour 40 mins
Paper: 28cm x 43cm comic board
Colour: Photopaint 8 (1997 do the math)

Edit: Few little changes for the poster.
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I loooove Ibuki! Her and Evil Ryu are my SF4 mains!
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By far the best Ibuki pic out there.
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She does look pretty hot in this pic
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love her eyes :la:
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Her eyes in particular makes her look so much more attractive.
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FMA Style drawing:D Like it
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Ahhh, Ibuki on the seen. hee hee ;)
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This was my fave in the bonus gallery! :thumbsup:
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Wow, that is seriously cute. X3
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we all love ibuki!
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You know what it's the most funny thing About her? In Italian, "Ibuki" sounds like "I Buchi" that means "The holes". The fuck. She likes Italians dudes, her name is just a trap.
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Nice one.... I like the confidence of the character..... plus the considerably big breasts.....Yep... definitively my kind of girl.... Very nice drawing anyway :)
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"Is it possible to fall in love at first sight TL?"

I used to didnt believe in it man, but now.......
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That's a great question right off the bat. XD I like her expression a lot. :D

Cool character. ^_^
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