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Yeah i know it is not a Ferrari or something from the Fast n Furious, but i am a bit of an oldschooler. I play GT4 everyday lol, and i find myself gravitating to older cars. They are more raw then the new cars, back to man and machine type idea and less computer intervention.

For this one, I just used a simple airbrush technique and a few screen layers for the shine. That little emblem on the back says "SC 2.5t AWD" which is pretty self explanatory for gear heads, but for those new to the world of cars, the "SC" in my case atleast stands for "Sport Coupe" and the "2.5t" means "2.5l inline 4 cylinder engine with Turbo" and finally the "AWD" stands for "All Wheel Drive" which is different than "4WD" .

I would figure it would be about 1400kg / 3100lbs and have about 220 - 250 hp @ 8psi of boost. Intercooled of course, but nothing completely outrageous as this is it's stock incarnation. The gold trim and wheels are a total throw-back to the 90's.

I did go for the slightly smoked rear lights just to date it even more. I don't think it would have All Wheel Steering, though i do remember that being a fad for a while, the 1990 Honda Prelude had it, and I think even one of the 240sx's had it too as part of the HICAS suspension package.

This one i would make 35%/65% front/rear for the AWD system. Disc's front and rear, typical stuff.

Initial rough: 10 minute sketch [link]

Clean lines: Traced over with Corel Photopaint 8 (1997)brush set to 2 pi. [link]

Colour: Airbrush and gradients on Corel Photopaint 8 (1997)

No ref for this, it is a totally made up design, and the lighting too as well. hope you like! Sorry it is not a hot chick lol, I actually started out by drawing cars when i was younger.
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That is amazing!Keep up the drawings,I'm just starting out,any tips for good designs?