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Art of Capcom Alt Cover

This is the Art of Capcom soft cover cover. You can purchase this book online, more details can be found at the UDONCREW site here on DA.

Lots of fun on this one, can you spot everyone?

BW: 2H pencil, Ball Pen, and Micron pen
Colour: Corel Photopaint 8 (1997!)
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There can be only one.”“And time resumes flowing.”“You must defeat my HitOverride to stand a chance.”“Must find more candy... Hmmm candy...”“What have they done to me?! I am a monster!”“Must train harder to surpass my damage scaling!”“You died for my sins...”“In space, no one can hear you complain.”“I was just kidding back there, we can't be friends.”“Behold my mighty feet and despair!”“Call your mother, you are not going home!”“This is no longer funny!”“That wasn't a bug, just my awesome new feature!”“Can't touch this!”“I would've beaten you sooner if it wasn't for the download queue.”“I'm not unbalanced, it is you who are underpowered.”“If a character dies offline, does it make a KO scream?”“Oh boy this one's going straight to YouTube!