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Heroes of the Storm

By Omar-Atef
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FINALLY!! This piece took me 4 months from start to finish, obviously I didn't work on it everyday, I took a lot of breaks when I got to a point where I hit a wall while painting so I studied what I needed to go on, total time spent actually painting would be around 100-120 hours! Yeah I know.. Well the reason I chose to spend so much in a single piece is simply because this is very special to me, for some Heroes of the Storm is just another upcoming game by Blizzard with some hype around it, well for me it stands for something more, some of these characters and the artists behind them resemble the main reason why I chose to become an artist and thereby my career. Some parts aren't finished yet but I'll probably leave it as it is because it's been one hell of a tough ride, The color palette is heavily inspired by my idol, Wei Wang's Battlecry Mosaic (My favorite piece of all time) I've learned A LOT while doing this piece so I'm glad I committed to finishing it. I'll be taking a break for a while and focus on oil painting. 

You're welcome to use/share this piece as long as you refer me in the credits or link this page.

Edit: 4-1-18, Retouched the overall colors a bit, along with a couple of faces.
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And now Valeera's released. Great prediction!
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It was inevitable I guess :)
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Whys Valerria in it
This is gorgeous! I featured it in my instagram! Check it out!…
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Valeera... whatre you doing here valeera you're not in this game....
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Dude, Freakin amazing! Illidan is one of the few characters I actually play! I'm glad to see him in Metamorphesis looking epic as usual.
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Absolutely, indefinably AWESOME!!! Puppet(Fnaf 2) Icon.  
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Respect. Your art reflects your inspirations. I immediately recognise Thrall from the picture that you mention on the comment.
Sometimes I forget that amateur artists like me need to spend a hell of a ton of hours to get a result even remotely close to a pro level.
There's just always this gap to the pro level that requires that you devote +8 hours a day to creating art to overcome it.
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Thanks man! ^^ 
Yeah I know what you feel, that period of time can be quite frustrating, I recommend doing master studies, lots of them, try not to aim for the perfect likeness but rather try to understand the usage of values and hues, and how the original artist overcame the problems and translated them on canvas ^^
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By master studies you mean copying (perhaps more like analyzing and understanding) paintings by professionals or classical artists, right?
lol talk about a blood bath
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Hahahaha yeah! (A)
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One of many things I like about Heroes of the Storm is that it encourages cross-over artwork like this. Fantastic job.
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