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leaves me feeling flat

Polaroid One Step SX-70, No filter
Polaroid 600
Border removed

Tornado season is upon us.
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You're featured in my latest journal! :)
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i swear we were going to have one this morning but it was just severe thunderstorms after all! excellent <3
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I love the streak like effect in the clouds on this piece, almost makes it look like brush strokes.

Wonderful work.
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Where are you getting the sx70 film?
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I'm not, I just popped a cassette of 600 in there :nod: use one of the black cardboard covers from an old pack, slide it into where the film goes to cover those spring things and then slide the 600 over the top. Just make sure to find some sort of filter to put over the lense to compensate for the exposure difference between the film, I think it's about 2 stops (but I prefer to just use a yellow warming filter, i think overexposed polaroids look better!)
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Evil tornado season. Here all we get is dust devils. But there have been some real nasty suckers, that actually had the strength to lift stuff like trampolines off the ground.
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when we get a storm we get a baaad one. In the summer it's tornado season and lightening has been rocking the apartment all week. It rained so much that all the creeks flooded. my CAR flooded. I woke up this morning and there was 5 inches of water on the floor :( i had to go get towels and soak it up so I could drive but the towel kept slipping up under the break :fear: dangerous.
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Oh wow. I remember thunder storms. I had to deliver papers in a thunder storm once. I was totally soaked in two minutes, and a lot of papers got wet too. :( But nobody complained, so my paycheck stayed its normal 46 bucks that month.
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:giggle: yeah, it's a real pain in the neck, those kind of jobs, but later in live you'll appreciate it. I had to do corn detassling in the summer :fear: and while I HATED it back then I'm glad I did it now :nod: good work ethic!
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Yup, and I get to work in a kitchen this upcoming school year! Good job, good job... :)

What's corn detassling?
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Well, I only know the basic bits of it, it's more complicated than how I explain it, but it doesn't really matter in the end :giggle:

basically the corn has these little tassle things on top of them, and you have to pull them out so that they don't impregnate their own seeds and make bad corn. It sucks though because it usually starts REALLY early, so I would have to get up at around 4am and walk to the bus stop which was a mile away, then I'd get on a crowded bus and we'd drive for an hour or two to a corn field and then we'd have to put on these little plastic suit things and walk up and down the corn rows all day. You could easily walk 10-20 miles a day!

So you have this silly looking plastic suit on, and it's sweaty in there, and you have to reach up and pull out the tassles and throw them on the ground, but there are bugs in the corn so you have to touch them :fear: and they give you paper cuts all over your hands. and it rains, and the ground gets so muddy that you can lose your shoes in it!

Usually you get to go home at like 1-2pm and you have to drive all the way back home in the bus and then walk another mile to my house and my mom was mean and wouldn't let me inside because I was muddy and made me change my clothes and take a shower in the hose out back D::::::::

it suuuuuuuucked. but I got super skinny every summer :nod: which is hard for me because I'm naturally muscular :O
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Dude, that sucks hardcore. Like picking apples or cherries out in the field in the summer. Lord above, it's generally 90-100 degrees out there, and they're picking fruit!

Thankfully, I've never done that. Hopefully never will.
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