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following fences

Polaroid Amigo 620 + 600 film + Vaseline
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beautiful blues and greens. and i love the hills.
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I just, I so love the colours in this. I love it.
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haha, it IS fun! i miss home! walking through DC is just not the same :)
OmahaNebraska's avatar
Me no likey :dead: I always end up covered in spurs. I probably still have spurs in my shoes :omfg:
reluctantgod's avatar
boots boots boots! to protect against the rattlesnake, too! -- "A rattlesnake up in Buffalo, Montana/he bit the leg of the old sheriff/
Ha! That boy fell down on his harelip: Ow! — Ow!/..."
myrnajacobs's avatar
The depth of the color is what makes this so gorgeous. I love it so much... and the edges are very very exceptional and interesting.
Thebuild's avatar
I think my favourite part of this piece is the simplisity of it, the fact that the only hint of humankind's prescene are the old posts making their way slowly across the field, it looks wonderfully untouched and a beatuiful place to watch the sun set and see the stars come out.
littleblackduck's avatar
I really like this Brittany. What is the vaseline? On the lens while shooting? or around the edges? The coloration is beautiful. I wish where I lived was not so flat!
OmahaNebraska's avatar
Yup, rub it on the orners of the lens :) distortion, the light scatters and makes a glowy blur.
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OmahaNebraska's avatar
you COULD put it everywhere for an abstraction technique, but it's a real bitch to clean off.
littleblackduck's avatar
Yeah, that would be!
mixdown's avatar
:lol: I bet you tripped and fell on all sorts of stuff in your 20 minute walk.

It's a lovely photograph. The vast openness looks so cold and mysterious.
JamesBensonArt's avatar
i love walks through untoucked land, though its kinda hard to find where im at ;p
OmahaNebraska's avatar
I don't, i always end up with my pants covered in spurs and grass cuts all up and down my arms :dead: I'm a baby.
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this is beautiful:hug:
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