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This is a test shot of my newest creation.

So, I've made myself a 360 degree panoramic pinhole camera. It's a little over 8 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter. The inside of the camera is home to a round particle board 'drum' on which I can mount light sensitive materials up to 8x10 inches. It's been spray painted matte black on the inside and has 6 pinholes spaced evenly around the surface.

Each hole has a focal length of ~65mm and each hole is ~.4572mm in diameter. This gives me a relative f/stop of 142

Exposure is aprox 79x more than f/16.

These were made on 2 5x7 pieces of photo paper taped together and developed in my bathroom. I'm expecting the quality to improve vastly when I add a tripod mount and have access to unfogged paper and better quality chemicals. I've had my developer, stop, and fixer sitting on a shelf in glass jars for ..oh, about 8 months now and the paper was under my mattress, so I'm pretty sure I can do better when I buy new supplies for it :giggle:
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Great experimentations! :clap:
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really great!
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Haha nice idea!
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Dream patches.
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I've heard Rodinal developer [the agfa stuff] keeps pretty much until the end of time :paranoid:
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I don't even remember what I'm using, i mixed them in wine bottles and had only written what they were on paper which has since gotten wet and kind of bled together :O

I'll probably just use the school darkroom for everything else. I really need new paper though D: I'm kind of worried by the way the images came out SO vignetted, they are like little 2 inch circles instead of filling the whole piece? D: troubleshooting shall be long and boooring I'm sure.
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Wouldn't the distance between the pinhole and the paper be the factor?
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Well if you ever buy some more developer, Rodinal seems right up our ally when it comes to cheapskates like us [link] :paranoid: and it lasts forever [link] :groucho:

You could always try some positive paper [link]
It's probably the pinhole size in relation to the size of the paper and/or distance from the paper.
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I don't know, I'll have to ask my teacher I guess. Because the pinhole to the film plane shouldn't cause too much of a problem, just make it a super wide angle and the pinhole size is, well, it's .018 inches instead of the .0113 inches that is optimal for the camera but I don't know. Maybe it's one of those. I think what's going on is that the holes I drilled in the actual cardboard part of the camera are too small and I need to open it up so there isn't as much interference between the light and the thickness of the cardboard :O
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did you ever figure out what it was? :paranoid:
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It's the size of the holes drilled in the cardboard, the light is getting restricted -_- now i have to go find a drill. damn it all!
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your explanations really help me out alot. thank you.

are you doing all of this for school?
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Yup, I'm taking photo history class and we all have to make a pinhole camera, and since I've made some before I've decided to make things a bit more complicated with the full 360 view. I think I goofed up some calculations though because it's vignetting so much :O lots of troubleshooting for me.
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wow, that's wonderfully creative, I love it :heart:
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:O That's very interesting.

I like it a lot. :)
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The result almost looks surreal.
I love it :heart:
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pinholes can do that :nod: thank you :dance:
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