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Silhouette of South Omaha

So, for a long while I've been ridiculously busy, only sneaking in photography on the way to and from work, and many times the only thing I have with me is my Iphone, so here is the first of a little series of images I shot on my Iphone 4s.

This particular shot is

My kitty Leica in the window, one of my favorite iphone shots, the first one where I realized the potential of the little thing. I had been such a snob about it, sure, I was open minded to every other photographic tool out there, but a phone, I thought? Now I know better. Still not ideal, but when that's all you got, you CAN make it work.
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Great work, I like the narrative you've woven with your composition :)

And I like the name of your kitty :3
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My other kitty is named Smena :V I wanted to name my dog voigtlander but I was shot down, JJ and I had to settle on Pilgrim which is so not photo related it makes me cry cry cry.