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Polaroid Amigo 620 + vaseline
Polaroid 600 film
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Was the Vaseline designe to give it a softer look? It looks a little blurred to me instead and makes me imagine it's meant to look like it's going by really fast. I don't know, maybe it's just me :/ A softer colour tone,like sepia, might have made it more 'romanticised' in the way you want, I think.
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yeah, i wanted it to sort of look like a holga or diana shots, where the lens is so cheap that it distorts and blurs out the edges :) or like one of those 'dream sequences' in tv shows.

sepia would probably turn out pretty well on this one, you're right :) I just get a kick out of yellow light. It's pretty rare in the summer because the angle of the sun and earth, so when it does come around I get so excited :excited: I'm a nerd :crying:
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Sun in general is rare over here :lol: so I totally understand wanting to make the most of it when you can. Now you've explained it, I can definately see how you could interpret it as 'cheap' and 'distorted' as it certainly looks like that
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Great, great, great photo !
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Wonderful work i really like the way you've been using vasaline on your pieces.
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I'm beginning to like the vaseline too.
Your photographs always turn out fantastic.
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This does feel like drifting off to somewhere...
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Tis alright. Many of us have been romanticized. Although I don't think I'm one of them... XD
OmahaNebraska's avatar
:giggle: I didn't mean it like that, but it works too! I'm sure you have been, boys are strange creatures. I always attract the crazy ones that follow you everywhere like a count your blessings that they aren't like that :crying:
Zukoscute2's avatar
Whoops. My bad. ^^; Oh well.

I attract just oddballs. Meh. I want a semi-normal one.
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