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Nuclear Snow

Polaroid Amigo 620 / Polaroid 600
Microwaved for 4 seconds
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pickaredballoon's avatar
gasp! i just did this. except mine doesnt look as cool cuz i took it out the second it started nervous. ha.
i loves it. :aww:
OmahaNebraska's avatar
I think I just got lucky on this one :giggle:

I've done a whole bunch of them since then and only about 20% have come out :O but, alas, that's polaroid for you! always unpredictable.
baby-snakes's avatar
microwave??? :wow: wow instant fav :+fav: for that.. it came out great too.. maybe you can scan something sometime that is actually on fire.. I dares ya - no just kidding :giggle:
OmahaNebraska's avatar

I have learned not to play with fire after burning my kitchen and a neighbors garage down.
baby-snakes's avatar
yah definitely ... :shithitsthefan: and I agree about washing the microwave @ I love unusual art stuff though. one time outside the grateful dead they let the crowd dismantle a piano and make art out of it. that was pretty interesting. :rose:
Thebuild's avatar
Lol, I am surprised you went fo it a second time, just remember to wash the microwave before you use it again, food that tastes of polaroid can't be nice. :no:
reluctantgod's avatar
woah, 4 seconds is a long time in microwave time, haha
OmahaNebraska's avatar
apparently so :O

I am glad I didn't kill the microwave or something, I have a feeling my landlord wouldn't appreciate that.
reluctantgod's avatar
landlords, as a whole, are really un-appreciators :) ha, i need to start some art appreciation classes for them. well, not enough time, maybe another lifetime :) how's the west? i haven't seen it for, like, a year and a half, and need to keep my finger on its pulse :)
OmahaNebraska's avatar
It is frozen :< and channeling the 60's for some reason.

With the windchill it was like -20 the other day :faint: and everyone is wearing headbands and those bizarre short dresses with long sleeves and huge buttons :faint:

I feel like I'm trapped in a bizarre time warp.
Gbaas's avatar
I am trying that right NOW ...
OmahaNebraska's avatar

I'll keep an eye out for it, if you do, you should upload it :boogie:

just be careful :paranoid: the sparks are crazy. i wouldn't put it in for more than 4 seconds max.
Gbaas's avatar
thanks for the warning .. .I did it but i'm not glad of the result
OmahaNebraska's avatar
aw, that's a shame!

what happened? I did it again and something ugly happened too :laughing:
piskieheart's avatar
Out of this world..

You creative thing, you :)
KSDale03's avatar
That can't be healthy...
OmahaNebraska's avatar
Well, I ate popcorn out of the micrwave about an hour ago and Im feeling fine :O
OmahaNebraska's avatar
just you watch. tomorrow I'll have grown a third arm or something :faint:
Zukoscute2's avatar
You are amazing.
OmahaNebraska's avatar

or insane, it's one of the two.
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