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I broke up

You just keep telling yourself it's okay.
self portrait.

texture from ~wojtar
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Aug 2, 2007, 9:38:23 PM
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lost-pin's avatar
Wow, very dark and dramatic...:)
Artumus-Gonzo's avatar
Your work is featured...
MalaFide-Malaise's avatar
is that titled for what i think its titled for? :D
OmahaNebraska's avatar
:O I don't know, what do you think it's titled for?
MalaFide-Malaise's avatar
some song by a band named xiu xiu xD
OmahaNebraska's avatar
then yes!!

I love xiu xiu :heart:

they have some of the most interesting lyrics.
fotodog's avatar
very nice.

almost like the "shroud of turin" in it's presentation.

Cunegonda's avatar
Deep, incredible.
GillianAlexiel's avatar
i cant stop looking into this trying to see some eyes. the little mouth is so small and serious and such a beautiful shape. these scratch pattern make me think of science on a blackboard or something like a map to outerspace star's incredible. makes me feel incredible.
im rambling but honestly i dont know how to explain it. i love looking at this.
OmahaNebraska's avatar
Its the one and only time my mouth looks small :boogie: I'm glad you like it. I didn't like it at first but it grew on me so I decided to upload it.
Evil-e33's avatar
Your talent amazes me :worship: I always look forward to your next submission just to see what you come up with next, I am NEVER disappointed:clap:
OmahaNebraska's avatar
aaw, shucks :blush:

thank ya dear :hug:
Evil-e33's avatar
completely true and deserved :D
utqtbry's avatar
Beauitful hun. I like that you chose a different kind of texture for this piece. And the coverings for your head give it almost a holy feel. I like how that and the blacked out eyes make it seem like a fight between good and evil. Maybe I am just reading to much into it :blushes: Either way, it's great!
OmahaNebraska's avatar
actually you are spot on :)

I am heavily influenced by religion, if I hadn't gotten kicked out of uni I would have majored in eastern religions. D:
utqtbry's avatar
Yay! :giggle: I was seeing it as this battle between a nun and a demon. :o That's awesome. You could always go back some day! :nod:
utqtbry's avatar

Damn typos! :shakefist:
utqtbry's avatar
I corrected myself! :noes:
homedoggieo's avatar
I corrected yourself :noes:
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