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I am a pilgrim

Holga 120 CFN with polaroid back, Polacolor 669

Developed for roughly 75 seconds, back was scratched with car keys while developing.
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Such gorgeous colours :heart:

Were the thin lines scratched in?
They're just perfect.
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A very cool picture especially witht he tinting blue lines. Your right about how it is unkown and mystifing but at teh same time intriguing. A great personality pic.
OmahaNebraska's avatar
Thank you :) I must admit it was a happy accident.
pixel-def's avatar
nice! these almost look like light painting, i love the little accidents you had =D
Thebuild's avatar
I love the little blue trail lines, what where they made from?
OmahaNebraska's avatar
I scratched the back of the negative with my car keys :D and it upset the emulsion a bit.

I see you put your abs back up :giggle:
Thebuild's avatar
Yes I caved into public demand :shakefist: Oddly enough I've been getting a lot more glomps recently too :P

The car keys was a good effect, it looked like trails of light though from what I had no idea.
Thebuild's avatar
See! It happened again! :noes:
OmahaNebraska's avatar
you're my favorite little dancer :petting:
stamatisdesiree's avatar
wow!!!great series!!
WildWhiteHorses's avatar
Wrong? I love it! Abstract gorgeousness :-)
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thank you :)

I do like the way they turned out, but I kind of want to figure out what I did wrong :lol: All 20 frames came out this way so I'm pretty sure I loaded the polaroid back wrong or something :O
WildWhiteHorses's avatar
From what I heard Holga are known for having these random characteristics....I suppose technically failings but really I love the effects...I've got one but never had the chance to use it but can't wait to do so soon!
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they do, but the thing is I don't have the normal back on it. I put one of the polaroid film backs on it so I could take instant prints, but I used 669 film instead of type 80 so it isn't supposed to expose the whole frame like this :O it's just supposed to expose a square on the left hand side. so I'm thinking I did something really really wrong :O

but you should definetly use your holga! I love mine :love: I don't run 120 through it much because its really hard to get developed around my area, but I mod mine for 35mm a lot. :)
WildWhiteHorses's avatar
Ah I see what you mean then, yeah that's pretty puzzling! Maybe Holgas are just determined to have fun at our expense somehow ;-)
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