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Cursive on the horizon

See 'em?

Polaroid Amigo 620 + 600 film + vaseline
borders removed
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I dont know what I am more jealous about, you getting 30 acres, or this shot!?!?!?!

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I know, right? Tennessee is so, so pretty. I'm still sort of on the fence though, because on one hand I LOVE Nebraska, and don't ever want to leave even my neighborhood (let alone the state or region!)
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You know what is so funny, I live in Cali, have for most my life, spent two years in Wisconsin, and honestly, if I can find a way to relocate somewhere else, I am so gone. After living out in the Midwest, one thing you realize is, you can actually afford to live! In Cali, you only try to survive, but never really make it to far, unless your parents have tons of money or your literally working yourself to death, and to be honest, Cali so is not worth it!

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Yes, yes, yes.

Omaha was just voted #1 for affordable living :lol: We've got forbes billboards up all over the city bragging our little behinds off. Still have under 5% unemployment, we've got to be doing something right around here.

I have a lot of friends who moved out of state as soon as they graduated and while they are swimming in thousands of dollars of debt I've managed to stay cash positive with the exception of my mortgage which is pretty low to begin with.

That and the midwest has space. Omaha is a big city with lots of people but it's very spread out, so there is always a big patch of green to break up the depressiong gray of urban areas.
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Wonderfully picturesque, I especially like the blue quality that the hills gather as they drift off into the distance.
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I love how soft the grass looks. :)
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Wow. I wish I'd inherit land. D: You are a very luck girl. Hell, if I was inheriting land, I'd be super happy because that would save me the trouble of having to find a place to live. ;~;

And yes, those people are very very tiny. They're like ants. :3 I'm surprised my bad eyes could see them.
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