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360 degrees: Preview II

Homemade pinhole camera Stats:
Number of holes: 6
Focal Length: ~65mm (wide angle due to size of paper)
Aperture: ~F/142
Light Sensitive Material: Ilford Multigrade RC darkroom paper
Field of view: 360 degrees
Exposure Compensation: Aprox 79x longer than at f/16

The camera is a cylindrical sheet of particle board with a inner drum made of cardboard used to mount paper on it. I have fixed the vignetting from the first preview you saw here: [link]

This is a project for my Photo History/Concepts Class. I will be doing a 12 piece project of parking lots - 6 with this 6 "lensed" pinhole camera and 6 with a 50mm lens on my Canon A1 35mm SLR.
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that's incredible
i've always wanted to build and try one of these
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Cubism pinhole photography, new concept! :) nice picture.
OmahaNebraska's avatar
:giggle: hadn't thought of it that way.
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Very nicely done
OmahaNebraska's avatar
Why thank you, JD.
This is wonderful!
JamesBensonArt's avatar
its like a camera on drugs o.o
OmahaNebraska's avatar
I fed it morning glory seeds :nod:
JamesBensonArt's avatar
that explains everything...
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great job! you should think abut submitting this photo here ~diana-pinhole ;P
OmahaNebraska's avatar
even if it's not a diana? :O
balzzac's avatar
yes i know the name is quite deceiving i should have never picked it in the first place
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