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360 degree parking lot study 6

Homemade pinhole camera Stats:
Number of holes: 6
Focal Length: ~65mm (wide angle due to size of paper)
Aperture: ~F/142
Light Sensitive Material: Ilford Multigrade RC darkroom paper
Field of view: 360 degrees
Exposure Compensation: Aprox 79x longer than at f/16

The camera is a cylindrical sheet of particle board with a inner drum made of cardboard used to mount paper on it.

Last one - my favorite. I'm kind of ticked off because the scanning of the prints is not going so hot. They have a much better tonal range in person but, of course, the lustre finish bounces light like crazy. :hmm: we'll see if I can fix that.
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oh my gosh its like a vivid dream or like a perfect nightmare or something
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That's what I thought when I first saw them too. It's amazing what a pinhole can do for atmosphere in an image. The paper being so sensitive to blue light really bumped up that contrast. I'm glad you like it :)
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aww man i gotta get one of them cameras. its seems like such a beautiful thing to me.
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I made a tutorial explaining how to make one awhile ago: [link]

It's really easy, but sometimes you do have to troubleshoot a little. i had to make 3 or 4 adjustments before mine got working the way I wanted it to.
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awww wiked!!! does it work with colour film too?? does it waste alot of film trying to work the problems out and stuff???
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Well, you can put any light sensitive material in it but there is no film transport, so you'd have to develop it yourself because the lab won't know what to do with it. I suppose if you wrapped a roll of 35mm color film completely around, in a spiral, you could simply roll it back up in a dark space and put it back in a BLACK film cannister (the little plastic thing the cassette comes out of)...and then tell them what is in there, but if they were to open it outside of a completely blacked out space it would be ruined -- and the image would be all wrapped up, which I think would be awesome, but you'd have very different results from what I just showed you.

Hope that makes sense :)

I used paper in mine and yeah, I used up quite a few sheets (and hours) trying to trouble shoot, but that's half the fun of building your own cam, hehe.
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yaa paper makes alot of sense. hahaha, for some reason i thought you had to use film?? lollzzz.
ya but next semester i'll be in photography class and get to be in the dark room. haha i'll be in there all the time. where did you learn about making this thing?? its seems very extensive.
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It really wasn't to hard to make, actually, I was really surprised! it just needed to be fiddled with for a few days of experiments and I was good to go :giggle:

I made this for a class on photographic history & concepts class. I'm going to school for an AA in photography at a local community college. Even though it's not a big university they have a really great photo department.

Good luck in the darkroom and in your class! I've been stuck in the digital classes for awhile but in the winter I'm going to do a course on alternative processes and I'm pretty psyched to get back in the darkroom.
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wow, i'd like t see the full neg, but this part is really WOOOOOOOOW :D ( i love how the pinholes are miwed in this one :) )
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This is like the kind of crazy stuff you see when your dreaming and one of your eyes is actually open and you mind starts incorporating it all into said dream.

Did that make any sense?
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I've never had that happen :O But I can imagine what you mean. I listen to talk radio while I sleep and the audio filters into my dreams. I always end up with weird dream-guest appearances who want to tell me why the world is falling apart or what the weather is like. :faint:
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