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360 degree Parking Lot Study 3

Homemade pinhole camera Stats:
Number of holes: 6
Focal Length: ~65mm (wide angle due to size of paper)
Aperture: ~F/142
Light Sensitive Material: Ilford Multigrade RC darkroom paper
Field of view: 360 degrees
Exposure Compensation: Aprox 79x longer than at f/16

The camera is a cylindrical sheet of particle board with a inner drum made of cardboard used to mount paper on it.
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Excellent job. This will come in handy once i manage to handle my pinhole camera. First tries will be in some hours.. :3
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I remember my first pinhole is made from a tin can. I didn't create it with 6 holes though.

This one from yours is just interesting enough to worth the hours of experimenting.
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My first was a little tin can too. It's still kicking around the house somewhere.

I think most of my issues were the photo paper instead of film. There just wasn't enough latitude to get anything but pure white and black and printing turned into a real pain. In the future I'll just stick with film and tray develop the strips.
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Yes, negative should be a lot better than photo paper. a strip of 120 would be great. :)
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i adore this series
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yes. it is very nice.
This is my favorite of the series. I like how this one is exposed.
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I spent 6 hours in the darkroom and wandering around the parking lot trying to fix the exposures, I think I've gotten as close as I'm going to get with darkroom paper. It has almost no room for error on exposure :hmm: but I'm glad you like this one :dance: I like it too.
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6 hours in the darkroom sounds awesome. i wish i could afford to take classes this year. i have all of the equiment in my closet, i just don't know how to use it yet. :giggle:
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well, if you need any help just let me know :giggle: I'm hunting around craigslist and ebay for my own equiptment. I love being in the darkroom but I HAAATE it at school. Too many people running around and messing up my stuff :greetings: they keep knocking my negatives down in the dryer and they get all dusty! ugh.
That sounds tedious.
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