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princess 2

100 % from blank screen to finished image.

this is the large work size image prior to the final downsize of 800 high pixels

I do have the work in progress shots (some of them) on pg 74 of my gallery.

ciao OMA

edit Jan 3 2010 I received quite a few comments re jaggies. They would have evened out in the intended final smaller size but they were annoying even in this work piece. So I've blurred out as many as I could no easy task on a flattened image at one and two pixel wide selections. so if I missed any let me know exactly where and if possible I'll get them fixed. IF POSSIBLE...

also for the little ray of sunshine that asked for a Tiara sorry not this image but I did add some sparkles to the head piece just for you.

I jazzed up the shoe as that was another area that needed some work. shiny shoe with a flower now.

sorry the table has to stay this way,,,too many cuts to adjust flattened picture.

and yes I did lighten the gown just a bit so the shading in the dress that took me ages shows more. and I also turned back on the layer where I lightened the hand on the chair.
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Oh - Oma, this is jaw-dropping! You are, indeed, such an inspiration and this portrait is just amazing work. You have taught me so much in the past and, I hope, will do more so in the future. Grea work!
HelenLight's avatar
Oma, I just want to say again how you're an inspiration. You're a wonderful artist. It's great to know that your talent keeps growing each time.

omagrandmother's avatar
thanks you Helen. I try to get better each time.
thanks for stopping by.

ciao OMA
Fingleschkaise's avatar
You have apparently put everything in your power into this one, and it shows!

Lovely, oma! You are unbelievably skilled. You are one of the reasons I keep doing PdN for. You're going to get my vote for the forum awards ;)
omagrandmother's avatar
well thanks such nice words. You have some nice skills also. I watch your gallery here all the time.

ciao OMA
Theonlychad's avatar
great job oma instant fave
omagrandmother's avatar
thanks you chad. glad you liked this one.
h3llb0yn3cr0's avatar
Even better, Oma. ;P
:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

Amazing... So much detail...
omagrandmother's avatar
thanks you. and to think all my own no renders. even the little wonky mistakes I'm proud of. :lol:

thanks for looking.

ciao OMA
Youre welcome.
SkullSplitterNr1's avatar
Absolutely stunning. There's so much detail that I feel like I'm looking at 5 or more images at once. I keep noticing something new.

It would be perfect if it weren't for a few aliased edges, but they're only visible on the full view.
omagrandmother's avatar
I did a few revisions had a devil of the time blurring out one or two pixel selections at a time to reduce the jaggies. Hope I caught them all. also had to use clone in some areas to work in smother lines.
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actually I did this one in the larger size in anticipation of knocking it back down to 800 wide. You can view that version in my gallery.

I only listed the full unresized version here for detail viewing.

ciao OMA
sarge5k's avatar
Wow, thats talent!:noes:
omagrandmother's avatar
thanks you and just think before Jan 2007 I never draw before, I never used a computor for more than typing and database work.

I am enjoying learning new.

ciao Oma
sarge5k's avatar
Can you point me in the direction to help me learn to draw?:-?
omagrandmother's avatar
library.... :lol: no truly I'm not joking. when I first started to learn I went to the childrens section of the library and asked for a how to draw animals book. the line drawings were step by step and I just translated them line by line on individual transparent layers on the screen. drawing?

also there are loads of good tuts on the internet. I most times if stuck look at one of them. If you look at my gallery at forum (pg 35) I did a humming bird and left a link to where I learned to draw it from the internet. That was a real good site.

If you are into drawing people one real good book I bought at Chapters is one by Jack Hamm on drawing people. It is one of the easiest and best I've found for beginners.

Just start simple when you try to color so you don't get discouraged. and I've found I try not to have any outlines around my images just makes them more realistic for some reason.

if you haven't joined the forum you should they have some real nice tuts on all sorts of things.

ciao OMA
sarge5k's avatar
I joined the forum recently! Thanks for all the advice!:D
BenRR's avatar
WOW!! :omg: You clearly put an insane amount of work into this, and it really shows! So many amazing details! I love it! :wow:
omagrandmother's avatar
This has been an amazing learning year for me Ben. I'm very happy with this one. It has errors I know. But I'm at least getting closer.

ciao OMA
verndewd's avatar
Rick should use this as a PDN promtion piece on the download page .
omagrandmother's avatar
:lol: thanks maybe you should buzz him in the ear :lol:

Its not perfect but I've not seen too many tackle this type of image yet. As I've said its not the program errors its my still learning to draw that distracts from this picture.

but I still surprise myself that I actually have learned to draw reasonalbly well, in just a few years with no training or classes at all.

thanks for looking Vern.

ciao OMA

PS did you have a nice New Years eve?
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