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baby whale little fish


please view full size [use the magnifying glass icon] to see the little fish.

enjoyed doing this one many changes from start to finish but very pleased with the end results.
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A wonderful piece!
Your shadings are...simply stunning!

And how comes I've missed this piece?
It's like the first one in your pictorium gallery...
I just don't get it!
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this one was done just as the old pictorium was closing up. It was voted to the galleria from the old pictorium.

I've some old wips if you want to look at it.
remember this was from an older version. before smudge etc. so its all straight blur.

ciao OMA
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Love how you've done this in PdN, I use it a lot but my drawing skills just aren't up to par :D

The detail on the whale look very natural and I really like how you've added motion to the sea, well done :)
StephanHeijl's avatar
Nominated for the Galleria on the PDN forums :D It's beautiful :D
omagrandmother's avatar
thanks this is one I'm really happy with.
the1Simbul's avatar
Excellent! I would have thought it was done by you a paint brush . The details are just wonderful. Once again, you have amazed me!
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BenRR's avatar
Gak! :omg: :faint:

You don't need a tablet, you're doing just fine with PDN.
omagrandmother's avatar
yep don't need the tablet anymore. only thing I'd like is pressure sensitive. but since I don't have Vista it wouldn't do me any good to have the tablet. I'll invest in a few more art books.

friend just told me that the hospital book sale (bigggggggg city wide sale) is coming up and they usually have ooodles of art books donated. and I should be able to pick up some quality books real cheap. I'm heading to that next weekend. so will see what I can find.

hows your drawing coming along? any more of those floating islands? they might be what I attempt next. I really like the looks of the ones you've done so far.

thanks for taking the time to look at my picture . I really appreciate that.

BenRR's avatar
I'm working on another one, 7hrs of work so far and I'm only about half done. The clouds are giving me trouble again. I'm tempted to do the clouds in PDN, but I realy want to paint them myself.

I'd love to see a floating Island done in PDN, if anyone can do it, you can! :D

Tablets work fine in XP, though PDN doesn't support the pressure sensitive part yet. I'm eagerly awaiting 4.0, I want brushes! Thats about the only thing PSE does better than PDN. I may try GIMP and see how its brush system works.
omagrandmother's avatar
watch for my opening pictures in the new pictorium. thanks for providing the inspiration!
Sweetnut's avatar
WOW oma ...i think you should get a prize
omagrandmother's avatar
OK when ever they get the new pictorium going can I count on you nominating this picture for the hall of fame.?????

thanks for the compliment.

leif-j's avatar
This is just fabulous. You have truly become a master in your field of paint.NET work. The blending of the colors is very nice. :+fav:
omagrandmother's avatar
thanks I truly like this picture. its very soothing to me.
blu99's avatar
OMG! Oma, this is amazing. The fish, the sand, the water, every aspect of this is beautiful. Great Job. :clap:
omagrandmother's avatar
all 100% as well. thanks for looking and leaving a comment.

glad that you liked it.

miguelpereira's avatar
Very nice work, I think I wont be able to do this until gets brushes :D

great things Oma :thumbsup: :D
omagrandmother's avatar
some new brush plug in available today. not what i used on this picture and not even sure you can use them to do something like this.

but you should check them out.


PS thanks for looking at my work and commenting.
miguelpereira's avatar
I've seen the brush plug, it's still pretty rough brushes but hey it's great not to wait until v4.0

:D nice work :D
omagrandmother's avatar
not bad plugin. think the writer chomped off a big bite with this one. we will see how he manages to chew thru the comments and suggestions.

it has loads of issues but will do in the mean time until v4.xx comes along.

I'm making my own brushes for what I require. should be good for things like loads of leaves in tree etc. etc. and maybe those swirlies the little girls all like .
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