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Mr. Brown

100% Paint.Net

this was a photo that was made into a vector drawing by BoltBait and Vista asked me if I would color it for the pictorium.

just about finished needs some fine tuning and a little bit of clone work yet. but coming along. not sure how to get the craigyness of his skin with Paint.Net and really really wish there was a smudge tool.

this is the first time I've done an actual person's photo and not just one from my imagination.
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Could you do cragginess the way you do the rest? Except do frosted glass insted of gaussian blur?
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check out the finished one Ben I explained how I did end up doing it.
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Your works seem to be improving at an exponential rate.

Perhaps to get a more craggy look to his skin. You could add a layer and with just a black gradient. (Primary color:black, Secondary color: Transparent). And use the dents plugin, with a small scale setting. If this does not produce fine enough cragginess- select the area and use the move tool to scale it down to your liking.

Maybe that would help...

Keep up the great work Oma!
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ummm, didn't try this but I'm going to keep it in mind for another project I've perking away in the background.

Your works seem to be improving at an exponential rate.""

I asked for a wacom for Christmas but received two books on drawing instead. One on drawing portraits written by a police forensic artist, and the other on drawing the head and figure by Jack Hamm. Christmas morning I was a little disappointed but by Christmas night impressed. both books have helped more than the wacom would have.
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Perhaps this is a good thing.

I need to improve my drawing skills, or PDN needs to get brushes.
Which ever comes first will probably justify getting a graphics tablet.
Or Photoshop, you know that would be nice too. haha

More-so than I had expected, playing with this camera has taught me quite a bit about composition. This is perhaps the worst aspect of my artistic abilities.

It seems that the holidays brought artistic teachings.
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artistic teachings I like that. now we have the gifts given to us its up to us to make the most of them. look forward to seeing some great or should I say even greater photo shots from you.

have a nice day Mustang


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Make the most of them, I'm sure we will do.

Photos are being processed, as I type this message.

You do the same.
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