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My Bio

haya (ハヤ) ♂
hetare, hongkongnese, レインは俺の嫁

uzuki (卯月) ♀
otome lolita, japanese, シンドバッド様は俺の嫁
LJ:… (completed cosplay list):…

We couldn't think of a cool way to combine names so used お前の嫁. "omae no yome" means your wife; the opposite of my waifu in all aspects. Basically something you don't want so you call it someone else's waifu.

uzuki will use DA mostly to communicate with our cosplay friends, and haya will use DA to find crossplay friends + ims cosplay friends so updates will be erratic.

For more photos please see our individual CURE accounts.
uzuki has also linked her LJ and for those unfamiliar with CURE, but they are not as frequently updated.

Planned Cosplays:
~haya's list~
temporarily stopping

~uzuki's list~
a lot...will update LJ/cure list

Current Residence: BC canada

Tools of the Trade
nikon d40(before), d5100

sakura con 2014 - will be at magi panels and booth

sakura con 2014 - will be at magi panels and booth

hello!  long time no update----still cosplaying but neglecting DA XD;;;;; (im more active on cure… ) anyhow, i will be cosplaying ja'far at sakura con along with my friend miko as sinbad :) we will be helping the magi panels and aniplex booth!   guests include the director and character designer for the magi anime from japan, along with the english VAs :)  lots of prizes too!!! Friday 3:00PM - 4:00PM, Panels 1 (6C) = SAO x Magi DIRECTOR PANEL 4:30PM - 6:00PM, Panels 1 (6C) = Magi Dub Screening Saturday 11:30AM - 12:30PM, Autographs 4B = Magi guests Masunari and Akai Autograph 1:00PM - 2:00PM, An

anime expo 2013

anime expo 2013

haya and i will be attending anime expo this year ^ ^  cos plans below: [thurs] magi - ja'far & sinbad [fri] utapri - nanami haruka & ichinose tokiya idolmster ( - shijou takane & amagase touma [sat] keeping open to wear whatever XD *uzuki also bringing* magi - fem!ja'far (ohtaka sensei's sketch 2 from BD/DVD vol 4) (planned for thurs) magi - ren kougyoku - magi bakemonogatari - black hanekawa *haya also bringing* baldrsky - kadokura kou it's our first AX so we're looking fwd to it X3  see you there and plz say hi-!

Magi Anime Event (Maharajan)

Magi Anime Event (Maharajan)

long time no update----im not very active here XD;;; i went to japan in april - may to attend the magi anime event (maharajan), super comic city and senya ichiya magi only event X3 i finished up my report for maharajan so thought i'd share ^ ^  it's pretty lengthy tho... part 1 (goods sales and exhibit) - part 2 (afternoon session) - part 3 (evening session) - haya and i will be attending anime evolution and anime expo!  this is our first anime expo, im looking fwd to it 8D will update again a

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Oscar-FrancoisProfessional Artist
Hey! I am really impressed by your artwork! :) Great style!!! <3
Hi! What lovely Azusa cosplay you do! Wanna cosplay as Azusa Miura in her Casual?:
strikes-twiceHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Heyyy it's Colleen, I made a personal DA seperate from my group! Wish I had been able to go to SC, miss you gorgeous!
long time no see and thanks for telling me---adding u back X3
hope i see you soon <3 <3 <3
gk-reikoHobbyist Artist
Jumped here from CURE after seeing Haya's page. Can I just say I LOL-ed so hard when I saw your DA name? XD Awesome choice, and I never thought I'd hear that coming from someone living outside of Japan XD

I see some photos taken in studios in Japan! Do you happen to be living here or something? :D
Hey, thanks for checking out our DA. Yeah we couldn't decide on a name so we wanted something funny XD

I really like your suzuha pictures!

No we don't live in Japan but sometimes when we pass by there we go to whatever events we find during that timeframe.
Last time we went to Japan was Oct 27th - Nov 4th this year
Though I didn't see steins;gate then, we were in akiba on the 27th night, and 28th day time so it was just like in the show, the time machine appeared out of nowhere! didn't go in the actual rajikan event though but from seeing other people's posts it must've been awesome =)
Thanks so much for the watch! Great cosplays!