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Blossom Fae Custom Adoptable

A custom adoptable I finished for :iconcharmseii: sometime ago but just now got to uploading. xux'

She wanted a babe inspired by my other Fae adoptable I made awhile ago and I jumped at the chance to do another lovely babe based on her! I loved her design and I'm happy to see other did just as much! ;u;

I'm super happy with how she came out on this one, and I love the color scheme! So light and pretty! 
Thank you so much for commissioning me to do this, it was hella fun my girl! c:

Art & Design (c) Oma-Chi
Character (c) charmseii
All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose
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zmorphcom's avatar
What a gorgeous beauty! :heart: :D
AzureRat's avatar
What a pretty design.
tankryosaku's avatar
Too attractive lol!! Very nice character design
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara thank-you so much once again, oma!! :heart:!
my beautiful soyun makes me just so happy and she always makes me smile when i see her <333
i'm so glad i worked up the courage to ask about a custom because i couldn't be any happier with the result
i'm definitely going to commission so many people for art of this baby <333
she's so dear to me and i want so many art pieces of her!
ToAnatolia's avatar
Gorgeous design! I think my favourite part of it would have to be the stockings!
tehwatcher's avatar
1st such a beauty

2nd X3
Oma-Chi's avatar
Thank you~ 
Moreuse's avatar
wow thats a really cute design
Oma-Chi's avatar
thank you~! glad you think so! :iconhontoplz:
Moreuse's avatar
^^ It really is wonderful looking
Kiruka-Nya's avatar
She is so lovely and elegant! 
Moreuse's avatar
Yes, it really is a wondeful looking character
Yamio's avatar
I love her so much gosh T o T ♥
Oma-Chi's avatar
nfjnaq Thank you so much ;//u//; I love her a lot as well! ♥ 
LunarInfinity's avatar
I love this one so much Oma!
This is definitely one of my favorite ocs that Charm has gotten
I can't wait to draw her one day
Oma-Chi's avatar
jfbgfd I'm honored! <3 ;//o//;
Thank you so much!
AyaneHime-Chan's avatar
The design is so gorgeous and cute! <33
Oma-Chi's avatar
Thank you~ ♥ Glad you think so ;u;
Twailiphaun's avatar
wut a precious child!!!!!!! also, CHECK UR NOTES OMA!! I NEEDS AN ANSWER!!!
Tidorito's avatar
hello ;u; i understand you would like a reply to you notes. but it is very rude to constantly demand it, especially publicly on her art pieces. its a form of harassment. She will answer you when she feels comfortable doing so, please take her feelings into consideration.
Twailiphaun's avatar
I realized that after I posted that!! My biggest apologies!!! Plz forgive me, I shouldn't have done that!!
Nicoleena's avatar
Oma-Chi's avatar
Thankies Nico~~ ♥ ;//u//;
Juveon's avatar
SO GORGEOUS!! I love this design so so much!
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