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Domovoi and His Horse

By Olvium
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Made especially for:
"Local Folklore" contest - [link] by :icontraditional-artists:

I used to live in Russia until I was 11 years old.
When I saw the theme of the contest I immediately though about Domovoi from the russian folklore.

Who is Domovoi?
"In Russian folklore a domovoy is a household spirit, also called "the grandfather" and "the master". He looks like a tiny old man whose face is covered with white fur, or as a double of the head of a house....

There is a domovoy in each house, and he watch not only the house itself but all the inhabitants as well (obviously, today we should say that there is a domovoy in each apartment). This spirit is a big trickster and mischief-maker: he tickles sleeping people, squalls, knocks on the wall, throws pans and plates – just for the sake of nothing. He is on good terms with the domovye of the houses next-door to his own – until they start pilfering; then he gets up to protect the house and the property.

There are two kinds of the domovye – a domovoy who lives in a house and a dvorovoy who lives in a courtyard. A domovoy is a shapeshifter and could take a shape of various animals -a cat or a dog, a snake or a rat or of the housekeeper itself.

A domovoy is fond of those people who live in the full consent, and take good care of their property. But he does not like lazy-bones and trollops and tries to hurt and harm them in every way. "
from [link] by Cyril Korolev

It is also known that Domovoi loves to spend the nights in the stable and to groom the horses of the housekeeper, he will feed them and brush their manes!
This is why I imagined him with one of his housekeeper horses.

Watersoluble pencils, water, 35X50 cm
© Gali Lutski 2010 October-November
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Very well done.
Looks light, like it was a dream bubble...

I think it is a good personalization of an imaginary figure.
He seems russian :)
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OlviumProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much, I am glad you like this one! :hug: