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انا العن كل صامت متخاذل
i curse all who do and say nothing

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ارجو تنزيل هذا العمل في صفحتكم و بأسمكم لنشر الكلمة

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How many should die until we do something ??!!! [link]

May Allah help Gaza and be with them.
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I'm siding with Israel.

Israel has been telling the U.N. for YEARS that unless something was done about Hamas they would take matters into their own hands. So you shouldn't be surprised that they actually did. And, all these "civilian targets" that Israel has supposedly been taking out have actually been proven to be platforms for Hamas to launch mortars, rockets, grenades, or been chock full of Hamas, their weapons, or their explosives. Hamas decided to use the people of Gaza as humans shields, and obviously it's not working. And although I think it's terrible that innocents had to/have to die, it's to be expected in war. Every single war every fought has had civilian casualties, and that's not about to change.
Gaza is getting what they deserve.
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Ismail Aniah or what IT name is...
Hiding IT self under hospital at Gaza
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bazısı onlar gibi düşünmediğimiz için öldürüyor.
onlardan olunca (yozlaşınca) kurtulursun.

bazısı onların kanını taşımadığımız için öldürüyor.
onlardan olamayacağına göre kölesi olursan kurtulursun.

yani: şu durumda ölüm özgürlüktür.
ölüm dememeliyiz, şehadet özgürlüktür.
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genocide! will they ever get their land back and drive Israel out?
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Its unfortunate that situations like this happen in the world but when there is no side to blame completely how can you take a side with either Gaza or Israel? The leading party in Gaza is responsible for constant attacks on Israel making its people live in fear and that fear causes hatred which leads to war. Its all very unfortunate
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