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Hey everyone! 

Super super sorry for the lack of updates, but I promise I am not a dead human. I have been trying out different communities for more specialized things such as game development and pixel art. By no means is this account over and done with as it was my first ever social media platform for my art, but my instagram and twitter accounts have been far more active since it is easier to showcase works in progress through them rather than entire finished illustrations, which I seem to be doing less and less of. 

I will try harder to create work here that will be able to be showcased on its own, but until then feel free to also follow me on my

Thanks a lot guys. You are the ones who started my career and I would hate for any of you to feel left out on those sweet sweet pixels. 
Kyle Olson
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Hey everyone! If you have been following me for the past year or so, you know that I have not been very active on here lately due to a project I have been working on. Well now is the time to tell you what that project is!

Last year I was contacted by some awesome fellows to help them out with their card game artwork. Specifically they wanted some of that sweet sweet pixely goodness. So we teamed up and are making some amazing headway on our game, Cards: The Attackening. 

Now if you love pixel art and card games of literally any genre, this is the post for you. Please take a look at the Kickstarter page and spread the word around. All of us who have been involved in this project have put a lot of care into making something fun and awesome; filled with spaceships, wizards, robots and goats.

Thanks again everyone for the support and follows. It has been a crazy ride, but hopefully I will be able to post some of the artwork for it soon!

You can follow the link to the kickstarter here:…

Kyle Olson
Hey all!

Sorry I haven't been posting much as of late. I recently got a new job and moved to a new city so I have just been getting used to everything here. On top of that I have been working on some stuff I can't post about yet, but I assure you that as soon as I get the go ahead I will be filling your inboxes with all sorts of pixely goodness.

So yeah! Just wanted to drop by and tell all ya'll that I really appreciate the favs and follows and more work is on the way soon!

Keep it real!


Also is anyone else keeping up with Space Dandy? I haven't seen too much buzz about it around here, but I am freakin' hooked.
Hey Everyone!

With all my fantastic new followers I thought I would try and spread the word for a new card game I am doing the art for called "Cards: The Attackening!". It was recently put up on Kickstarter and we would love to have your help promoting and/or backing this project. The guys who made it are hilarious and super sweet, so if ya love ridiculous card games with super fun pixel art this is the card game for you!

Thanks again guys and gals, any contribution is very much appreciated

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Hey Guys,

So this is my first journal entry (maybe my only one) but I just wanted to stop by and give ya'll a huge thank you. Gonna keep it short and sweet, so basically you guys absolutely rule.

Heres a link to a wallpaper version of the Vault Hunters piece since it was requested by some.

Rock on.