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Five Friends (A dragon TF story)
Hey guys! As I have big a fan of dragon transformation stories, I decide to give it a go myself. This was to test my skill at writing and I'm hoping to improve.
It was 11:00 in the morning, John was sitting with his group of friends. There was him, then there was Daniel, a big guy who was incredibly smart and John swore he was a straight A student. Then there was Austin. Austin was more of a joker and liked to make everyone laugh and enjoyed a good laugh himself.  Then you have Richard. He was a hacker and well respected among us. Last but not least, Trevor. His great grandfather being ex-military, he was a gun fanatic and would expect him to own these 80 year old carbines and handguns from the second world war.
"Anyone planning to do anything today?" Trevor asked everyone while stuffing his face with a watered down salad.
"What are you planning Trevor?" John asked while playing on his phone.
John stopped eating his salad when he realized that it didn't taste good a
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I really need to go to the doctor and have my spine checked. 
Post some things that you were never sure how to read when people write them on the forums, or make a vocaroo and comment to people who posted reading what they were wondering about. 

For example, I'm not sure how these sound :
"uh oh" (it's not the same as "uh huh" right ?)
So I received this notice on my art again :

Does your deviation Under The Cape contain mature content ? Use the mature content tag.

On my deviation :

Implying someone reported it if I'm receiving this ?

Like, someone has actually been offended enough by what resembles basically a swim suit in a drawing of an adult heroin ? Really ?!


EDIT : WTF, I keep receiving them on so many of my other deviations now, who the hell did I offend this time ? Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 

Do you have some areas that look like they have a bit more fat than others or your overall body ?

Are there places that are the first to be affected whenever you gain a bit of weight ?

Just some parts of your body that look a bit more giggly ? lol

Also specify your gender just to see any tendencies.

Personally, tho I'm not really the type to have a lot of fat in general, if I'm gaining any fat at all it's obvious in my face, just looks more round and I almost feels like I'm someone else if I look back in pictures where I weighted a bit more.

Also my lower body in general (ass and tights) is a bit more fat than the rest, as opposed to my arms and abdominal areas for example that can stay looking really lean while my legs are a bit more full.

Also around my period my boobs just seem to get a bit larger as if everythig I eat goes there for a couple days lol but that's temporary and then they go back to normal :saddummy:

How about you ? 
For me it would be mainly : ;) (Wink) Wink/Razz :B :)

I also grew to dislike but not always : Giggle =P (Razz)    
So you know, the left part of your brain is associated with all the stuff that are logical and rational and calculated, while the right side is said to be more about emotions and intuitions.

The thread is not to debate whether that is true or not, I just thought it would sound better to put the title like this instead of "do you draw with your rational and logical thinking blablabla...".

So basically, I'm wondering about what you all go through when you draw :

Do you reason a lot when you draw, do you have to consciously remember all the rules you learned and carefully apply them by rationally thinking of everything you're doing ?

Or does it all just come together in the back of your mind, and then drawing just happens, almost like magic, almost like your hand just knows where to go to achieve what you want without you having to think about anything rationally ? 

Personally I struggle a lot thinking clearly and logically about drawing, I can not for the most part reason with it, I mostly just witness drawing happening instead of really doing it, my hand just knows where to go (of course based on all the information I learned in the past and the images I came across) and while I use logical thinking AFTER drawing something to evaluate how correct it is and decide if I have to change it, I can't really do it DURING the process of drawing.

I wouldn't say I use my emotions to draw, drawing has never been a way for me to to vent or something (but an escape, yes) but my drawing is very instinctive. I use my emotions to draw expressions tho, I kinda have to feel the mood of the persona to be able to convey it.
Are there any users that often make you go  "huh :confused: " ?

Friendly tag the users who make your brain bug with their nonsense lol
Assuming you can do it and you don't have to pay for it where you live.

If not, why ?
Like you wish it would have been explained to you.
Horrific descriptions of whatever suicide method you look up.

That's what the title was supposed to be but I wrote a warning to avoid triggering people who might not want to get triggered, I know for myself coming across titles about suicide usually sends me in a spiral down.

I was looking at this :…

So I was just thinking, everyone dies at some point, everyone seems to be ok with that idea, but whenever I look up a specific way to suicide out of curiosity, it's like the people who talk about it have to make it seem like the worse thing you can ever think about.

It's like death becomes that super horrifying thing that you wanna avoid at all costs the minute you think "suicide". They will obviously often mention all the ways you could fail and all the consequences you might suffer in that case.

So I'm wondering if this is not all just a trick to discourage people from doing it.
Now you receive a notification in your feedback for received points instead of a notice.

Which is not bad perse.

But guess what, instead of just seeing the association message like we used to, now we have to clic "see the memo" which takes us to that whole transaction page just so you can see the little message of the person who sent you point .__.

Why change things that work perfectly to make them a little less practical ? Just to make them needlessly different ? I hate updates. 
Thanks yall, I've seen what I wanted to see, no need to send me anymore points ! :hug:
Fill in the blank :

You can shove your _________ up your _________ .
Or is it some sort of mental illness where they really have a distorted perception of reality ? 


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If you're depressed, sensitive, prone to bad thoughts, you may want to dismiss and delete this comment. If, however, you are still interested in talking about suicide, here is a thought for you:…

Fair warning: The author of that status post is an interesting, but trying person. (Sorry librarian, if you read this. I guess you know what I mean.) Contact at your own risk!
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Everyone is now talking pants! 
The only chance to rescue the situation is to talk about...

...socks or stockings.

Oh my God. :o   
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