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I might wanna try a new style when it comes to lewd drawings soon, so might as well take a request to do so, I have too many ideas to choose from and don't wanna lose my time and energy and get frustrated choosing when I can draw something for someone else.

Noes :

- no more than two persons in the drawing, but just one would be easier for now
- nothing really fucked up (no vore, underage characters, or such)
- no kissing or oral sex
- no fury stuff or anything that isn't close enough to human form, I have nothing against it's just that's not what I'm going for right now, there needs to be human skin basically

Yesses :

- you can suggest your own characters
- you can suggest a reference if you want a specific pose
- you can donate points if you really like the outcome

Personal favorite subjects : BDSM, tentacles, bondage, ..

The drawing will be colored, that's the whole point of the style I'm gonna try to experiment with, unless I get discouraged and don't finish it. 

And sorry if I end up not drawing your request, whoever will post. I'll just pick something I feel like drawing.
This is the closest I got to writing a whole song ever (it's really a struggle for me to just know whatever the fuck I could I ever even write about, so that's the theme, I was asking people on Discord to help me find something to write about and they told me to write about the struggle itself)


No Preview
 (also upload it to vocaroo but the lyrics are in the stash link)

I didn't focus on the singing cause I was basically writing and recording at the same time and then cutting the parts I wanna keep, and my mic decided to not work properly anymore in the middle of the process so I gave up before I was content myself.

I didn't succeed at making the transitions between the different parts smooth, I could have at the end by singing everything all over again when I finished wirting the different parts, but like I said the mic died (second one this month) so all I have is this Frankenstein monster.
I just realized that I can't adjust the lightening of the screen I'm plugging my laptop to (for size, it's a big old screen) using an adapter, like, the lighting is the same at 25% as it is at 100% cause it's just not reacting, and it's dark.

So basically, if I use a color that's close to 100% black, it already looks 100% black on that screen even if it's not, so I can't pick colors properly when it gets close to back.

I can't find out if I can set this properly or if this monitor just sucks. I found adapter settings but it doesn't react either. 
Comment and I'll give you a random word from the dictionary (literally, I'll just open a page without looking and pick a word for you)

You have to use it in 5 comments anywhere in the forums or just anywhere actually as long as you can provide a screenshot, in a way that makes sense (you can't just post the word alone or say something totally random)

You can post the links to those comments one at a time as a reply to my comment. 
I paint something, it looks ok on photoshop, I save it, it looks ok when I visualize the file on that default windows 10 thing, I take it to my other laptop, upload it to DA, the colors look different, I open it in paint, the colors look fine again and on another software they look different x~x

This mainly happens with very dark tones (stuff that get really close to black) or reddish tones. Happens whether I use .png or .jpeg too

You see how there are massive areas of pure black and it's a lot lighter all around (the boob area and also some parts of the hair, it's still WIP btw don't criticize pls) in this picture ?

WIP 6 by olq-plo

Cause that's what I see when I upload it here, and it's not supposed to be like that, when I painted it on photoshop it was even and gradual, not shitty like that. 

I used to think it was due to the screen I use when I paint (I plug a big old screen to my working laptop because otherwise it's too small I can't see anything) but it seems there's something else to it.
I think I'm gonna be starting a thread every day this month to suggest a drawing theme, as a way to force myself to stick to it and maybe have other people joining the same idea... If you're planning to take part in Inktober and don't really know what to doodle then join this movement !

Day 1

Day 2 : draw a magical object 

I didn't draw mine yet.
I think I'm gonna be starting a thread every day this month to suggest a drawing theme, as a way to force myself to stick to it and maybe have other people joining the same idea... If you're planning to take part in Inktober and don't really know what to doodle then join this movement !

I'll probably also start a thread for everyone to suggest ideas in it, and I'll pick whatever I like for my daily thread.

Day 1 : draw a witch

01 Inktober 2018 by olq-plo
Work in progress

Vexxed WIP 5 by olq-plo

And previous steps :

Goth Vexxed Valentine WIP 4 by olq-plo
Gothic Vexxed Valentine by olq-plo
Vexxed WIP 2 by olq-plo
Wip Goth by olq-plo
The recent customization of my tablet buttons made my painting process a lot more efficient, I can't believe how well my last painting went since I added some shortcuts, so I decided to share them now that all my buttons are occupied with a task.

Maybe you have all these buttons and have no idea what you can use them for like it was my case not long ago, I added shortcuts progressively as I was figuring out how to paint digitally and what are the things I use the most. (I started like 1 and a hlaf year ago)

Tablet shortcuts September 2018 by olq-plo

If you're wondering, a drawing tablet usually comes with a software that allows you to customize the buttons if it has any.

(btw those are not the default photoshop shortcuts tho, I edited them so they make more sense for me, so you won't have the same result if you insert these into your tablet's software)

What are your favorite shortcuts ?
Gothic Vexxed Valentine
Vex27 always says she wishes she could be goth, so I painted this representation of her as a birthday gift. Happy birthday Alex ! :dummy:

Reference :
If you're still alive then you're probably not depressed it seems, and the world doesn't suck either, that's really all there is to it…
And by talent I mean a natural ability to do something better than most people can when they start doing it, maybe coupled with a superior learning curve that makes it also easier for you to get better at that when you try to.

If you are, what are your multiple talents ?

Did you try to develop them all or did you have to choose which ones to focus on ?

Do you think it's a curse more than anything else, because you have to let go of certain things since it's hard to get really good at everything, or it forces you to split your attention between so many things and never really perfect any of them ?

Or are you grateful to have all these talents, that bring a variety of sensations and experiences in your life ?

Do you wish you had more talents ? Which ones would you have wanted to have ? Would you trade some of the talents you have for other ones if it was possible ? 
Do you make the fuckin thing happen or are you the type to spend your energy listing all the reasons why you can't ?

Bonus questions :

Do you think there are things that just can never be achieved no matter how much effort you put in them ? 

Do you think one should always try and do their best and never give up even if realistically there are few chances they will ever succeed and all signs point to that ?

Or should you accept your failure at some point and stop trying ?
Share something that your pet does or doesn't do that sin't very usual for his kind...

My cat is so organized, he never pees in the same litter box where he poops lol

Whenever I take a look at the street by the window he joins me and sits on the boarder.
So the idea is quite simple, get a rap song, learn it, practice it, and record yourself performing it :la:

Inspired by my previous voice thread after someone posted rap songs in it, I thought we should have a thread just for that... I don't really know if it's gonna have any success, I don't know if many deviants are into that xD

Bonus : as usual you can tag someone and request something... challenge them to perform something for you :paranoid:

Protip : it kinda sucks without music in the background, so if you don't have an instrument or it's not really something you can do with a guitar or such, you can look up the song you chose on youtube adding the words "karaoke" or "instrumental" , chances are you'll find something to go along with it.
Desiring something someone else has that you don't ?

Feeling angry towards that person for having that thing that you desire or being superior to you in a way ?

Wanting a person to lose this thing you desire so that they can be like you ?

Wanting them to suffer in some way because they have something you can't have and their perceived happiness with it frustrates you since you can't have it ?

Feeling frustrated at life for not having the same chance, skill, whatever it is ... ?

Feeling frustrated at yourself for not being capable of the same thing ?

Being sad about the perceived inferiority of yourself when you compare it to others ? 

When you're jealous : would you take away that thing you desire from the person who has it if you could, even if it doesn't mean you wold have it yourself, they would just lose it ?


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