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Singers + guitarists who do both at the same time xD

Does anyone else like to practice singing the same song on different keys and moving your capo up and down, as a way to maybe warm up your voice by not going to the higher notes right away but more gradually, or improve your range by singing it higher and higher and then come back to normal, or just find your comfort zone with a specific song you're playing ?

I really like doing this :D
I'm not saying we should deny them that or that you should use people's stuff without doing so or anything but...

I've seen someone get bitter just because someone accidentally didn't realize it was their work and then I did it too (let's just say the way it was posted made it seem like it was some official thing from a site that this person was posting); I just find it so weird because I never feel this needed to be credited for making a small gif or photoshop edit that requires little to no talent, it almost embarrasses me to get credited for that and I often tell people "don't credit me" when I make something like that for them. Just really goes over my head. 
Do you have any little names that you call others ?

For example some people call me Plo or Olq or Cuwo (that was one pf my previous username)

I call Vex27 Vexxed because she used to be "Vexxed Valentine" or Alex because "Alex-the-suc-cute-bi" was another username she had

KaizenKitty is KK for she shortened her username to KK on Discord

CodeRedd23 is now dimsun

Carnival9 is find it funny

If you are a reincarnated soul, what could be your past life ? Find a weird logic to explain your theory lol

I don't believe these stuff it's just for fun.


My boss and a couple of her friends are all into learning the German language, and whenever they speak it around me it makes me very uncomfortable, the way it sounds, I found myself being haunted by those sounds when I come back home so... I might have been involved in a war against Germany and tortured by the enemy, which might explain the trauma :nod:
I do, I don't even know what my bra size is, I don't wear bras lol

What is your bra size ? And how often do you wear that shit stuff ?
... were to manifest as a whole person, be it a tulpa or whatever, what would they be like ?

Mine would be a very angry person who screams a lot, has tons of mean things to say, can't keep quiet, and occasionally slaps some people in the face. They would probably not survive very long :lol:
Crystal by olq-plo…

PS : if you wonder why I'm reading that stuff, it's because my boss believes this sort of things not the thing in this image, the thing in the title) and I'm trying to understand. 
Do some of you have jobs where you have to deal with a lot of clients/patients or such ?

Are you ever scared when seem aggressive or upset ? After all you never know what the person in front of you has in mind, they could be insane, under the influence of a drug, a serial killer, ... you would never know.

Any of those people could be the last person you see before you die if you think about it :paranoid:

Ho do you treat those customers ? Are you nice, overly enthusiastic, a little distant, grumpy, ... ?
You just have to do something about it, and someone behind you sees you doing it

Noesiot by olq-plo
In winter because it's warmer that way ?

I especially like to do it with my jeans that have holes, this way I don't have to shave my legs :D
She deactivated two mounths ago and I ownder if she has a new account now, sometimes I wonder if some new users are her.

I literally wondered if CodeRedd23 because :

1- their posting slightly evokes something familiar to me
2- "23" (like dimsun123)
3- I find myself replying to their comments on my thread more than other people which only happens with a few people, like dimsun123
Fill in the blank in the style of "piggies-go-moo"

Examples : 


Insert your username or someone else's lol
The most obvious/common is saying the opposite of what you really mean, example :

"I missed the bus and I'm late for work, well that's just a great way to start your day !" 

What other types of sarcasm you like to use ? 

Do you mostly use sarcasm when you're upset or hostile towards a person or a situation ?
Those who really just suck in away that even being a beginner doesn't explain, like we've all been beginners but not that bad, do you ever wonder just what is wrong with their brains ? Just why can't they figure out the obvious, like the notes of a melody or the shape of something they are trying to draw ? 


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