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I think that I'll make some background
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Atlantis536Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"New feathered T. rex relative discovered in China"
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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is probably my favorite reconstruction of a Yutyrannus ever :D
(it was also the very 1st i saw of it and it's cool seeing that YOU did it :clap:)
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One of the coolest things about yutyrannus isn't just the feathers, but those hornlettes and big arms are epic. And I love the colouration.
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ZhombahHobbyist General Artist
I really love this! But I thought that Yutyrannus was discovered with feathers on its feet as well...
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actually, there's no direct evidence. That patch of filaments most probably is from the belly as I suggested someday in the FB post. 
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ZhombahHobbyist General Artist
Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info!
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Yutyrannus had 3 fingers?
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So it wasn't a tyrannosaur or was it early enough to not have developed that trait or was it a proceratosaur or a megalosaur?
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Ohhhhh OK thank you I appreciate you responding to a less informed dinosaur lover lol
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Atlantis536Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I saw this on a Trey the Explainer video. He forgot that dinosaurs with feathers couldn't be very big, flashed your picture on the screen, and remembered.
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wildartguyProfessional Traditional Artist
Great imagination, completely probable!
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this dinosaur has feathers like birds,and feet and claws like a dinosaur,and a tail like a cat. What a mix!
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I like Yutyrannus' second name: huali (I always say it "hoo-aaaaaaalie"). Great picture but my favourite of this artist is Eoabelisaurus mefi.
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I'd love to see a movie where yutyrannus was the main character.
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WTooseyStudent General Artist
One of the best reconstructions of the recently-discovered Chinese tyrannosauroid that I've seen. I would also like to see it in its environment soon sometime as well, such as a forest habitat.:) (Smile) 
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AnonymousLlama428Hobbyist General Artist
Great work!
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Great interpretation of yutyrannus. I would love to see this in a full environment at some point, as your previous attempts at that have been quite successful. 
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AlgorothProfessional General Artist
Is this a tyrannosaurid? COOL pic!
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RamedlevHobbyist General Artist
It is a tyrannosaurid
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MegalotitanHobbyist Digital Artist
Tyrannosauroid ;)
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fagianotyrannusHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow! bravo!
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