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Xenoceratops (WIP, fragment)

By Olorotitan
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Xenoceratops foremostensis from Campanian age of Alberta, Canada. It's a part of big painting with environment. I think whether it is necessary to depict duckweed. Araceae existed in Campanian, but not Lemna or similar. So, maybe I should replace it with a unspecified algae.
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DovahsaurPaleoKnight's avatar
Xenoceratops... Xeno... THE YAUTJA ARE COMMING FOR IT!
HUBLERDON's avatar
Appropriately alien!
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Gogosardina's avatar
Wonderful animal!

Why not use Limnobiophyllum? Although the leaves are helically arranged, when overgrown and jumbled together in great floating mats I'd imagine they'd look kinda like modern duckweed (although with slightly bigger leaves).
Olorotitan's avatar
- due to the large size of the leaves. So, I would draw leaves and so spend a lot of time and effort.
Paleo-King's avatar
Wonderful! Exactly the colors and textures I imagined for this animal :D
vasix's avatar
Nice! Will it be swimming in moss or weeds? BTW, it does look alien from this angle, jsut like its name
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Amazing rendering. :0
Gozer-The-Destroyor's avatar
Is this a new one? Jeez Louise, there were a lot of ceratopsians in mid-to-late-cretaceous Canada! D:
pilsator's avatar
Beautiful! Can't wait to see more of that. I think it goes without saying that your ceratopsids are pretty much the best there are.
DinoHunter000's avatar
The colouration on the horns is very reminiscent to Brian Franczak's wonderful ceratopsians.
ShinyAquaBlueRibbon's avatar
Your lighting is amazing. O__O
mustardofdoom's avatar
Impressive scale patterning!
Swordlord3d's avatar
Супер! Очень объемно!
Mtkld's avatar
Wow! Beautiful
yeyra's avatar
Hyrotrioskjan's avatar
A orgasm for the eyes :clap: :clap: can't wait to see the finish masterpiece :bounce:
mortalshinobi's avatar
This is amazing! I love the detail.
NGZver's avatar
Рад видеть ксеноцератопса в твоем исполнении.
Вы с Чотоньи не сговариваясь выбрали для него сходные окраски?
Olorotitan's avatar
Нет, мы не сговаривалиь :). Мне просто он тоже видится в таких теплых орвнжево-красных тонах.
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