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Psittacosaurus sibiricus and P. sp. (SMF R 4970)

Preliminary comparison. 

P. sibiricus (2014) needs to be updated and corrected based on new findings and revised reconstruction of the holotype. 
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A nice looking dino!

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I wonder if the females would have those bristles on their tails.

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Out of curiosity, what would be a rough size estimate for these two? 
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150 and 260 cm. 
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that makes a lot of sense. Ive heard that Psittacosaurus is huge, well, at like 2 meters, but when I saw it in a museum, it was tiny. I guess I saw SMF R 4970
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did you see a slab with psittacosaurus skeleton with skin and bristles?
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Yes, along with Eomia
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Hello! I was wondering if i may use this in a youtube video i am making, (we will give you 100% credit of course) and we are not monetizing our videos.

Youtube channel is; The Expeditioner's Discovery Guild, if you were wondering…
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looks awesome
love this dinosaur recently :D
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Are they to scale? Because if P. sibiricus could reach 2 m long the right one is pretty huge
Edit: never mind im stupid lol. Sibiricus is the one on the right
Awesome art as always!
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yes, they are to scale, sibiricus is that guy on the right. It's more than 2,5 meters. We have some bones which tell us that there's 3 meters long individuals. 
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Thank you for your beautiful pictures about Psittacosaurus 
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Do you think P.sibiricus may have had quills in a similar manner as Psittacosaurus sp.?
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It could have anything and anywhere, or nothing. This structure is like bristles in some birds. They have a demonstrative function and are very different or absent. Anhima cornuta for example or Afropavo congensis (the male has such bristles on its head - female doesn't, as other relatives). So it is possible that the only one species of psittacosaurs and only males (females) had the bristles, and it is possible that many species of psittacosaurs (or another dinosaurs) had different kind of bristles - we can't say. It's not feathers which we can extrapolate on all relatives using phylogeny. 
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Okay, thank you very much for the explanation!
I thought, maybe be had scale impressions from P.sibiricus, but it's all up to educated guesses. I see.
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I wonder if their chicks had any sort of quills. I'm surprised to see their exclusion from the restoration of SMF R 4970.
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Amazing work! Did you miss the skinflaps or do you disagree with them?
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I don't agree or disagree. it's another interpretation. 
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Okay! Awesome anyhow :)
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