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How do you simulate an underwater environment so even got the mud turned up by the amphibian's feet! That's pretty cool.
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I don't know. Just draw it. 
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Truly astounding. Is it not overwhelming the life that once existed on this pebble floating in space we call Earth? The mere thought that such unique, complex creatures once walked on the very ground we walk upon now is breathtaking. Imagine if we could see them with our own eyes, to have them literally standing and breathing within our presence, no longer fossilized bones but actual in-the-flesh creatures who can see and hear us just as well as we can see and hear them...
aquaTICKworld's avatar
Very well done. It really looks like an old b&w photograph.
just have no words!
HackerzInc's avatar
cool, but that alligator thing creeps me out..the eyes
WanderingAlbatross's avatar
Seriously, seriously awesome work. Very interesting perspective.
Osmatar's avatar
This is wonderful. The values seem to make this thing pop out of the screen in 3D! It's like a monochromatic photograph from the ancient past.
DSil's avatar
I like the composition in this image. The white on that fish attracts the eye immediately.
vasix's avatar
The favorite out of the whole set. Sexy piece of art, superb temnospondyl....what can I say? Breathless!
Paleo-King's avatar
Gorgeous work, Andrey!

It looks like I'm there diving in a wetsuit back in the Carboniferous and can actually touch it! :D
Olorotitan's avatar
Thanks! :)

It's Early Triassic. ;)
Paleo-King's avatar
Oops! Thanks, my knowledge of early amphibians is not that great but I've seen enough skeletons of them to know how lifelike this is. Looks a lot like Eryops. The fish looks really primitive, which is why I assumed Carboniferous (and also because amphibians were the "top vertebrates" back then).
Deinowilly's avatar
This is posibly the best paleoart i've ever seen =O
cryptidsaurian's avatar
it, looks almost like a photo this is undoubtely the best image iv'e seen on d.a
Biarmosuchus's avatar
Напоминает что-то из миров Дуга Хендерсона. Круть!!!
Kakarotho's avatar
That's awesome!
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