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Nasutoceratops titusi

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This is the best reconstruction of a Nassy I have ever seen. You, sir have earned my watch.
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His art is amazing!
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hey,someone put dis image on a postal stamp 0_o…
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Yeah, I know this one. But I don't know the publisher who stole the picture. 
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What kind of tyrannosaur is in the background?
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This is a very remarkable creature!
TheMightySaurus's avatar
Well, someone's been packin' on the pounds
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It looks so amazing and touchable! I really want to yell to "watch out behind you!"
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Your dinosaurs are amazing! I really do recommend creating your own watermark thought instead of using DA's. You already have a signature of sort in the bottom left. DA's watermark is very distracting and makes this piece seem a lot messier than it actually is...
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Thanks! Yes, I've been thinking about it. 
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Really amazing, such detail! :wow:
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 Great reconstruction!  What are the birds?
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Finally it have their publication!
And this recosntruction is in my opinion between your best ones. :)
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detailing on your work is impressive. nicely done
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Oh, reminds me that I'll have to update the name in my gallery, too :D
By the way, magnificent restoration! To me, it's the best one of this animal  :clap:
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