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Mosasaurus hoffmani

Designed for the book cover (and maybe NG magazine cover).
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Is that a Carcharhinus shark?

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Shark where back then Prey for those Lizards.
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This is the picture I was asking about! I was wondering if I can use this one, but I want your permission first.
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Yes, you can use it. 
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Thank you! I'll make sure to credit you!
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Fabulous! I'd hate to be it's target:O
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Amazing work! What is that shark? Squalicorax maybe?
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It's generic shark. 
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This is the most famous mesozoic animal from my home country.
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It was at that moment that shark knew.............He was screwed.
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The sea predators of today got nothing on this prehistoric monster
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Wow well drawn. Good work on the jaws, looks photorealistic. Poor shark.
But in the end his kind prevailed *shakes fists*
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Truly terrifying! Kind of reminds me a bit of Ridley Scott's Alien, what with the second set of teeth waiting inside the mouth. Granted, this is a real creature and the other is a product of the imagination.
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The "poor" shark must be Squalicorax
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aw poor sharkys at the time where just a snack for the moasosaur but dinner is the alasmasaurus
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see that you use the fishy backfin :).... that is damn accurate
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awesome! love the Mosasaurs!
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Amazing! Great image! :)
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The old times were sharks weren´t the most dangerous carnivours in the ozean
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Great! :lol: For which book was this cover image?
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