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Medusaceratops lokii

Ryan, Michael J.; Russell, Anthony P., and Hartman, Scott. (2010). "A New Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid from the Judith River Formation, Montana", In: Michael J. Ryan, Brenda J. Chinnery-Allgeier, and David A. Eberth (eds), New Perspectives on Horned Dinosaurs: The Royal Tyrrell Museum Ceratopsian Symposium, Indiana University Press, 656 pp. ISBN 0-253-35358-0.
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Canon EOS 40D
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1/60 second
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40 mm
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Feb 11, 2013, 7:48:03 PM
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Now that it's a Centrosaurine all that "c.f Albertaceratops'' material changes how it looks
Hi, I was wondering how I would purchase some of your artwork. I love all of your paleoart, with this picture being my favorite. Anyways, your stuff is amazing. 
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Hi! Unfortunatelly I don't sell my artworks. 
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Was Medusaceratops a chasmosaurine or a centrosaurine? It seems to have features of both.
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LOVE the coloration you gave these guys. Wonderful eye for detail as in all your work <3
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Really cool coloration.
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Excelentes detalles ¡¡
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One of my favorite dinosaurs, for the obvious reason.
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Hahahaha. I was wondering if Paleontologists favour Dinosaurs they've named. 
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my dear brother, Andrey Atuchin!

your robust ceratops are a beautiful imagination about these dinosaurs....3D position of a face with a robust thigh...thank you very much for share them with us....I prefer muddy ground of your pictures to dusty ground of Mohamad Haghani art....late cretaceous was humid!

However, I have an advise for you.....late cretaceous was a colorful world...colorful flowers and some insects related to flowers (ladybirds, moth, wasp), birds, dragonfly, snail, fruit tree exist in late cretaceous....volcano and dust air related to volcano smoke and flowers pollination can add such things to your pictures for making a better imagination about Tyrannosaurs and ceratops life.....

I hope my advise do not make you is just an friendly advice from a lonely biologist.....I always like your art very much!
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I think after G.S. Paul and Scott Hartman, Andrey Atuchin is the best artist give us a new imagination about Ceratopsid....but also, I admire this XENOCERATOPS :

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Your work is incredible :)
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Sweet article style.:)
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You draw such beautiful animals...
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very nice colour scheme. Also like the pose of the resting medusaceratops, it seems that ceratopsians are seldom drawn when resting, I wonder why.
However, awesome work :)
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the "king of ceratopsians" strikes again!!!! love you moy brat!
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I love the setting very much as well as the color pattern of both species. Really good depiction of one hell of a ceratopsian. :)
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