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Kundurosaurus nagornyi

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Apr 3, 2012, 7:51:57 PM
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It looks errily like Edmontosaurus. regalis , would you dare say it's the same genus?
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It's close but not the same. 
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Are we fully sure though? From what is shown it looks more similar to the Edmontosaurus type species Regalis than E. Annectens does.
Edmontosaurus. Regalis (below)
Edmontosaurus. Annectens (above)
Mega-duckbills by GetAwayTrike
Plus, Edmontosaurus did live around same time and has shown to be very wide spread across North America and was highly migratory. Not to mention a 2017 study has rendered another hadrosaur Genus "Ugrunaaluk" invalid showing how the remains did not differ from other Edmontosaurus remains. If true this makes Edmontosaurus present at the Great Land Bridge connecting North America with Asia in the early Maastrichtian which makes it possible for some herd to migrate into Asia thus making the Kundurosaurus population. This is just a theory of mine but it's interesting to ponder.
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we could theorize al we would like. Read the papers. If you have your own thoughts - write the paper based on the material. 
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Say no more, my friend. But there is no denying the differences between the two are minuscule at the most and there are still debates going on today about Tarbosaurus being the same genus as Tyrannosaurus and Charonosaurus being the same genus as Parasaurolophus. Not to mention, Tarbosaurus has been discovered all the way back the 1950's and the fact we are still having debates about it's genera placement says a lot about the relative youth of the taxonomy of ancient creatures. 
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Congrats on skeletal-izing Russia's latest saurolophine!
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Thanks! I worked with its bones and finally it's published with my reconstruction of the skull!
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Another Gryposaurine.
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Looks very nice!
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