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Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus
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So you are that guy they used the art for that species... If only they didn't forget to tell who made it.
At least this quest of mine is completed.
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Magnifying Glass Nice job on the feathers. Rainy Reading It's very interesting how some bird-hipped dinosaurs actually possessed feathers/proto-feathers like the lizard-hipped theropods did before birds remained as the only living "dinosaurs" left today (with crocodilians like the alligator, as their distant cousins, just like the pterosaurs and other archosaurian reptiles outside of the dinosaur and bird families). :study:
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hey birds are dinosaurs too
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"New tiny dinosaur discovered in Russia proves that ALL dinosaurs had feathers"
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Great drawing.
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This is my new favorite dinosaur... it's so fluffy!
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what an iconic piece of paleoart!:D (Big Grin) 
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I see this picture illustrating a lot of dinosaur articles on the web. Great work.
MythicalRaptor3's avatar
I want one, if only I had a time machine.......
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Are those triops in the pond?
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Hi! I have a very dumb question/s, because I am a noob illustrator that is just starting professionally (trying). I like painting extinct fauna but I don't consider myself a paleoartist/paleontographist. Your work is so awesome. I remember seeing this featured in several sites (including NatGeo if I remember well). By the time I saw this illustration, the 'news' about this specimen had already hit the mainstream media, but they were still relatively news. You obviously had to gather some info to make this illustration. The question is, did you get the info from sources available to the public early enough to 'beat' the mainstream, or were you commissioned and been working with scientists and/or unreleased info? Thanks.
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Hi! Yes I collaborate with scientists for many years, also I take part in excavations and preparation work. So I have much unreleased info and work with it every day. I work with original fossils and study them. 
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that is so awesome! things make much more sense now, thanks for the answer :D
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Oh my god, I never noticed the tadpole shrimps until now! Such a superb show of details!
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This is awesome. 
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I want to hug it.
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I saw this in my newspaper, nice job!
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Amazing work!
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The Picture was featured in our Local Newspaper some weeks ago :D
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I like, how you gave an insight into its habitat! :D

And yeah! :la: Tadpole shrimps and a mayfly, too!^^
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I think I saw this in the NYTimes science section yesterday! Incredible! I love this new dinosaur. 
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I'm seen this picture before Kulindadromeus was appeared in DA.

And that was cool!:)
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