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WOW IT IS VERZ FANTASTIC:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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У меня аж дух захватывает от такой красоты. Очень атмосферно!
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This looks really great, love the shading on the Cosmoceratops and those clouds are nice too :)
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my dear brother, Andrey Atuchin!

your robust ceratops are a beautiful imagination about these dinosaurs....3D position of a face with a robust thigh...thank you very much for share them with us....I prefer muddy ground of your pictures to dusty ground of Mohamad Haghani art....late cretaceous was humid!

However, I have an advise for you.....late cretaceous was a colorful world...colorful flowers and some insects related to flowers (ladybirds, moth, wasp), birds, dragonfly, snail, fruit tree exist in late cretaceous....volcano and dust air related to volcano smoke and flowers pollination can add such things to your pictures for making a better imagination about Tyrannosaurs and ceratops life.....

I hope my advise do not make you is just an friendly advice from a lonely biologist.....I always like your art very much!
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I've been in storms that black and all I have to say to the big guy is that I hope he finds shelter soon. The realism here is excellent.
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This animal, I always find perplexing due to its fril!
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Очень классно!!!
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Love this so much!
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Great job Andrey, exactly the kind of stormy weather and lights I like.
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Really love the lighting in this! Great job.
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This is just fantastic! I love the clouds and trees, and the contrast with the head being light up!
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Thank you so much! That's exactly what I wanted to show.
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