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Kileskus aristotocus

By Olorotitan
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Kileskus aristotocus, new tyrannosauroid from Siberia (Bathonian, Middle Jurassic)
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My favourite proceratosaurid. I like saying "Kileskus aristotocus". One of the best 1st & 2nd name combinations.
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i was arguing as i clicked on it, saying to myself, is it a proceratosaurus, a guanlong, or a dilong?
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Great art :D What type of stegosaurians are in the background?
PseudonoobDA's avatar
Well, I certainly haven't known of this species until now. 
I like its nasal crest. :o) 

It’s a new one on me, too.

brandon-bowling's avatar
Gorgeous work. I appreciate all the extra detail you put into the surroundings. It really brings the whole scene, and not just the dinosaur, to life.
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My 3rd favorite Dinosaur :)
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Andrey~ this work has inspired me to write the most awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsum storyline!
love you moy brat
DinoBirdMan's avatar
Such a nice one and even unnamed stegosaur of Russia.
reekhavoc121's avatar
The top of it reminds me of the top to a Rhinoceros Hornbill, which in a way, makes a little sense considering dinosaurs are just birds great ancestors. Anyway, this is amazing, wonderful job!
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I love the tyrannosaur's feathery skin and the crest. It's so superb. and lifelike.

Wanna see dino sketches? Go to my gallery!!
EmperorDinobot's avatar
May 2010? Why haven't I heard of this?
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Great picture. The only thing disturbing the scene is the dead tree at the right in my opinion. I think it's useless and taking over the stegosaurs. My eye want to escape in the background in the circulation of your composition but this tree is blocking the fluidity.
Paleo-King's avatar
I agree, dead trees are a tricky device in paleo-art. Sometimes they work, other times they just look wrong. I've had a few of mine look out of place before too. I suspect this usually has to do with a mismatch of boldness relative to distance.
Olorotitan's avatar
I think, you are right
AmnioticOef's avatar
Love the stegosaurus in the back looking directly at us. I don't think I've ever seen a stegosaurus in that position before.
HellBeastie's avatar
Cool head crest. I like the way you colored it, reminds me of a cassowary.

It's a tyrannosaurid, but it looks like a giant raptor. Interesting.
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Очень нравиться!! Твои последние работы мне напоминают технику Рауля Мартина.
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do u have a website? ur stuff is absolutely fantastic and i wanna see more
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