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Deinocheirus mirificus

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It's just the preliminar version pending the official publication of the new material. It will be some tweaks and updates after that. 
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As long as it is an Omnivore I really don't care it looks like a Chimera/Frankestein's Freak Show ! Woohooooo! 
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Is that really what the head looks like? Spoonbills are for catching very small creatures, how would he get that big then?
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Its not a spoonbill. The mouth shape is most likely an example of convergent evolution. It got big to defend itsself from Tarbosaurus, and the mouth is just an evolutionary design for its feeding style
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Now formely described !
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Yes the time that I've been waiting for to correct the head of Deinocheirus has come. Finally! olorotitan.deviantart.com/art/…
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what a strange animal -I love it
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IMHO a spoonbilled freshwater predator, but one useless on desert sand.
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Magnificent work!
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Omg I love this dinosaur and this drawing so much he's like Frankenstein
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Very cool, but where are the wings on the Gallimimus and Deinocheirus?
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should it be the wings? 
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Yeah, they should have wings.
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if pennibrachia then they all do have it. Maybe with not very long feathers, but they have. If they should have gliding/volant wings, feathers on fingers so you could give some proof about that. 
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They discovered a Ornithomimus fossil with feather impressions that showed it had full advanced wings, like deinonychosaurs did. Just like all deinonychosaurs they had primary feathers, which means that they attached to the second finger.
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Actually the feathers on Ornithomimus' arms might have been monofilamentous. It's impossible to say if they were pennaceous or not.
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Did you actually read the publication itself? In fact they discovered an Ornithomimus fossil with carbonized traces of which could be the evidence of shafted feathers on the ulna and radius. Their distribution and orientation are similar to the insertion pattern of covert feathers. They suggest that adult Ornithomimus had feathers on its forearm with rigid shafts. While juveniles had "filamentous feathers" without rigid shaft. So there's nothing about full advanced wings, the lenght of feathers and primary or secondary feathers. 
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That's true, but add that to the evidence of wings in other Maniraptoriformes and it is more likely than not that ornithomimosaurs had advanced wings.
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Evidence of advanced wings is only present in Maniraptora, and even then only in more derived forms (Therizinosaurs and Alvarezsaurs have feather impressions, but no complex wing feathers preserved yet). The only non-Maniraptoran Maniraptoriformes are Ornithomimosaurs, and no other Ornithomimosaur has evidence of advanced wings. Since there is no evidence of wings in more primitive groups, and only evidence of wings in more derived groups, it is safe to say that Ornithomimosaurs did not have advanced wings.
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You mean pennibrachia maybe? Or wings?
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