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Anomalocaris canadensis

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Love this, poor trilobite :(

I like how you make it seem like it's in a high speed chase, very dynamic and interesting to imagine.
Would suck to be that... Trilobite, is it?
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Amazing!! I love it
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Trilobite No!!!!!   :'(
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ah i love this thing, always reminds me of 1 of my favorite pokemon (+evolution), Anorith & Armaldo
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Although this is an athropod, it's almost like you could see the beginning stages of fins in this animal, which makes me speculate whether the first coordinates were arthropods.
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Anomalocaris is believed to have evolved from onychophora that had gill-bearing flaps above their legs, which eventually became functional fins.
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Chordates, not coordinates.  And the first chordates were certainly not arthropods.  Apart from sharing common ancestry in the earliest of bilaterian, the relationship between the two phyla ends there.  
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Que the Jaws music. Earth's first super predator is on the move watch out trilobites!!!
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Could I use this picture for a Memrise course on the Cambrian explosion? link=…
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What an awesome pic of one of Earth's firsts apex predator.
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These things were super-tiny and harmless like the Opabinia, right?
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it's about a meter in lenght. I'm not really sure that it's super-tiny. 
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A meter is good. Not sure if it can bite off fingers, but still.
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Fantastic! Almost never get to see art from this era . :)
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The scariest moment in a trilobite's life!
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