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Natural History scientific illustrator specialized in paleontology.

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Your art is absolutely gorgeous! I love that it's so detailed.

It's a bit of a shame you post so much work at once here. Though I understand it's easier than constantly keeping up with another social channel, it's just so much I can't look at everything in detail, let alone comment. Which is unfortunate because your work is absolutely splendid and I love looking at it! Just.. splendid overload lol. I'll see if I can friend/follow you on facebook so I can see the work as it comes out :)

Thanks. Sorry about that. Yes, I abandoned DA for three years and had been planning to update the gallery for a long time, but still could not find the time. Now I try to add artworks in separate portions. I am very busy with my main works in paleo illustration and social media is a big distraction for me. You can subscribe to my Instagram, where I update in real-time. On Facebook and Twitter as well but it's not my priority. You are very welcome.

I'm just glad you're back & posting deviations. I've always admired your work, but especially in recent times. It just keeps getting better & better. Thanks to you, Brusatte's "The Age of Dinosaurs" has 1 of my favorite dino book covers ever. 1 thing I've been meaning to ask: Do you know where online 1 can find a larger version of the illustration at 0:24? Many thanks in advance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NguZJ3QSPh4

Спасибо за подписку на мой профиль.

Hello, did you know your work is being used in a video?


At the 2:48 mark.