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"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

tears by topinka ...happy tears... by GreenEyesOfRain Winter tears by NataliaCiobanu Tears in the wind by Zindy Lost Tears by folkvangar:thumb179833626::thumb68620800::thumb153821835: Joy by Foxfires:thumb176553245:

Mature Content

Joy by Tonyr
The Happy Part by airyfairyamy laughter is medicine by ProdigysAmbition Laughter by Culpeo-Fox Evil laughter by KazCos moer smile by k-BOSE:thumb127306638: Smile. by error- A smile by wtamas Smile by SpyKate Smile... by mechtaniya Smile by soulofautumn87 Smile by natunasa:bigthumb201699715: Smile by fallnangeltears Eevee Smile by Abstormal Smile by ieatSTARS Smile on.. by diditzulu:thumb146005249: the smile by meldir Toothless Trying Smile by TheBandicoot smile by bule:thumb125193369: Smile by xavierrey Say Cheese by HeWhoWalksWithTigers A Reminiscent Smile by noirwhisper Precious smile by NANAKiryu:bigthumb177696435: Psychedelic smile by x-crossroad .:Smile Toothless:. by OxAmy Mona Lisa Smile by BuffaloChips Smile by IchigoKitty Smile Because It Happened- 1Chapter 1
Almost four years later…
“Fire Lord, please- you must listen to reason…”
Zuko stopped walking down the sconce-lit corridor and turned around to face his bevy of elderly advisors.  “I’ve been listening to your reasoning- for two years now!  And I’ve told you time and time again: I will not marry until my sister has been caught and the regime she has been building to take back the Fire Nation has been found and dealt with.”  He snorted and a small flame flashed from his nostrils.  “I don’t care if I have to wait until Sozin’s Comet comes back again- Azula is my top priority!”
The handful of gray-haired advisors bowed respectfully even though their leader, Yao Fen, continued to try and press the point despite his Fire Lord’s irritation.  “Of course she is, my lord.  Yet you are now twenty years of age, well pa
Belle's Warm Smile by Firefly-Path Spill the 'Jelly' Beans by kickass-peanut laughter by lauafer Laughter by Tonyna Cosplay is serious business by etaru .laughter. by witchlady750 if only love was this sweet by lazyyclouds:thumb47418557: Jordan Silliness by Squirrelflight-77 Dr. Seuss Stamp by Blackshadowbutterfly:thumb146245729::thumb82321882: Dr. Seuss by dame321 -Dr. Seuss_icon2- by Jazeemynn Dr. Seuss 3 by Creature-of-Habit88 A Dedication to Dr. Seuss by cemask Cuddles by Susurratrix:thumb325921744::thumb324942102: Where The Magic Happens by 00AngelicDevil00 Flour Kisses by OlMountainWoman:thumb307102320: London Deviantmeet 2012 - everyone! by XcubX aren't they cute?? by lilwarewolf721 I will be a big bad wolf one day by woxys Calm by Flame-of-the-Phoenix You're Waiting For A Train by RollingFishays:thumb325853068: Panda Love by Flame-of-the-Phoenix Wedding Dance on the Beach by Zhaana The Queen Of Butterflies by stvn-h Giggle by badman22 Giggle, giggle by assica A convenient perch. by JeffreyDobbs Sad Twilight by WhiteDiamondsLtd Giggle by ibjennyjenny *** by mniami ID lilililililililililili yar by jazzrail Dream of Joy by Winyumi hanfu11 by yunhua79 Bizzare Love Triangle by hamkahatta Giggle by anaisabel19886 Got the giggles by Lionique:thumb113688274: girl portrait by crow-god

Mature Content

SomethingForbidden_vsMB by xLoversRevenge
Helping Hands by MummyOrca That Summer Feeling by HerrLinde A Song for  You by chicharrria Irisviel Von Einzbern II by KiraHokuten

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