Dr. Seuss Inspired Feature IV
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"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!"

:thumb323242119: In my world... by staces Butterflies by DuhilomTovok:bigthumb201314103: For Katie. by caelavel:thumb327213104: In My World by MimiTheEvilChihuahua:thumb323246300: MLP FIM: Epic ponies by hinoraito Childhood by Dianae Childhood by sisko87:thumb200674383: Return To Childhood by MarkWilkinson Butterfly Prism by Jade-Encrusted-Bugs Childhood memories by addy-ack:bigthumb159389778: childhood by ReevolveR rainbows.this is the story of the butterfly.
he paints rainbows of loveless reds. of
                                       fallen purples and                          
                                       rootless greens and dreary,
:thumb295855841: Childhood by GeckosFancies Rainbows by Blobzy Inspire Cloud Wallpaper by SanguineEpitaph Rainbows by vladstudio The Rainbows by Keltu Day 80: Throwup Rainbows by shortpinay Blue Skies and Rainbows II by peachez-N-cream Rainbows on Sunny Days
Rainbows on Sunny Days
"There you are!" exlcaimed Snowdrift, flipping back her light teal mane as she landed next to her friend Sunny Days, who had been standing on the only cloud in the sky that day.
Sunny turned to the light blue pegasus pony and blinked, eyes slightly wide in awe. "What are you doing awake at this hour, Snow?" She chuckled a bit then nudged her friend's shoulder with her rainbow-braceleted hoof. "Shouldn't you be resting up for your job?"
Snowdrift grinned at the orange-haired yellow pegasus and shook her head. "They can do without me for one night. Besides, it's summer, and there are no plans... I wouldn't miss today for the world, you know."
Blushing a little, Sunny looked away. "Aw, you remembered..."
"Of course I did!" Snowdrift interjected. "What kind of friend would I be if I forgot your birthday? I even got a cake from Sugar Cube Corner. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pi
:bigthumb118918981: Land Of Free Love by NezumiSama Childhood memories by Puffyko:thumb326933200: rainbows by LOMO2048:thumb307943578: Childhood by manicolorz Tomorrow will Surely Be Sunny by VelCake Delicate Beauty by o-kaykay Be Proud As You Are by Jazame rainbows by lionmane726 Butterfly Garden 3 by Fully-Stocked Butterfly project II by PaulVonGore:thumb189759922: Dawn of the Night by JelloCloned-raee Different by AyaMikageify:thumb316994098: fairy by Miri-Cake-chan:thumb260098790: wild. by sakimichan

Mature Content

La nuit by sanguigna
Door to Your Dreams by FictionChick Butterflies by SVKexhibits Lucy and Chiara by SuicideBySafetyPin The Magic of Butterflies by celesse Rainbow Love The Theme SongA smile a day keeps the doctor away
Well, that's her theory anyway
Her eyes shine like the sun
Oh, Oh, Yeah
Her smile sparkles brighter than the brightest star
She's rainbow love!
She loves all over the world
Spreading her colors to every boy and girl
Whoa, oh, oh
When the rain is falling down
Rainbow love will come around
Whoa, oh, oh
She's gonna make it an epic Rainbow Love kinda day
She's the one and only
Truly the best
Rainbow Love!
Butterfly Paradise by PhotographicCrypto Hanami: auction by XNightMelody:thumb325864271: Princess of Magic by RubyPM Sea Shell by naked-in-the-rain Architect's Dream by Awstein something bright in this dark world by rok993 Where rainbows are made2 by fae-photography:thumb306009066: Paint Graffiti by Aoer stevies marble collection by greyfin Blanca Lake by La-Vita-a-Bella:thumb282695506: Sunlight by Joe-Maccer Left On The Shell-f by l8 Shooting Star Dreams by ckbooklover Drawn to the Light by kuschelirmel Rainbow Aura by indigohippie Moondance by christoskarapanos Rainbow Butterfly In A Rainbow World by Rogue-Ranger CE: Trinity-in-Rainbows by ZombieInsanity Rainbow Cake Tea Time with Yui and Mugi by vaasollasido :foosl: falloffofstemlaughing by Helen-Baq Giggle by puddinprincess Boy and girl by pikaole Creation by sakimichan One of A Kind Giggle by FDLphoto Parchment Splash | Pinkie by Paradigm-Zero Giggle by JennieOo :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase 2 Butterflies by AndyVarga Rainbows are Cool. by andrewj63 Colourful life with you by CHESS-Studio Strangers detached by MasochisticHeartache:thumb325719676: Inhale Exhale - The 7th Hour by emilieleger Wallpaper #12 by Alkraas Burn It Away by Aoer dream catcher concept-ish art by SpritusSwift Aurora Borealis by CeciliaGf Delicious I by Little-Miss-Twisted:thumb323486520: Rainbow Planet by Thelma1 In my world by naked-in-the-rain:thumb322525893::thumb325484441: Rainbowterfly by harpsdesire Sunchild by Etoia Colours United by FeliDae84:thumb323493656: Apo12 Fractal Fantasy 42 by Xantipa2 Cold by AnnaArmona:thumb326390110: Tom the Hatter by Viccolatte Make up by wups0 colorful by schnotte Horton Hears a Who-Katie Stamp by Bat-Snake Spitting Rainbows II by Shardae Pure. by Myheartbeatstumbles Gem by OlMountainWoman Colorful - 1st Place by macrophoto 'Spring Pets' contest winner by The-Canon-Club Premade Background  1377 by AshenSorrow the summer by 4leafcloverVN:thumb254568058::thumb322707126: The Meeting by EnchantedWhispersArt:thumb325530689: At the end of the rainbow... by JeanFan Roaming Skies by AnnMarieBone Lost in the rainbow by RicSimane:thumb282868669: Birth Of A Rainbow by Sophquest:thumb313182672: Sara's Garden by kayandjay100:bigthumb319194498::thumb318583550::thumb315093370: Rainbows Rock Stamp by Creativeness:thumb327196776:

                                                "In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!"

next feature will be "From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!" and
"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope."

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Thank you for the feature!!
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Thank you so much for choose my fae! :)
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Thank you so much for the feature. I love your series of Doctor Seuss quotes. I hope when I get a bit more time to look at them all more thoroughly :).
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