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*A group on Facebook was brought to my attention recently, and its goal is to keep people informed about links, webpages, and Facebook sites that steal art from DeviantArt, just log on, and request to join!…

**I you feel satisfied with where you are on Deviant and want to give back or feel like you could really use more feedback, or simply want more love, you can participate here Its self explanatory, if you dont like it keep it to yourself and move on.**

My trip to my Grandmas in Wyoming has been postponed until the 21st of September due to financial issues. But Ill extend it to make up for lost time.

One thing has really been bothering me lately...Favorites. I love going through Deviants favorites, and finding new images and artists, but occasionally, I go to a Deviants favs, to discover that they have none. Some have been active and popular on this site for years, but do not have a single fav. The very least that you can do on this site to give back is fav other Deviants work that you admire or appreciate. Especially if you are popular and receive lots of watches and favs yourself. How hard is it to drag a thumb and place it in your favs? This isnt a website strictly for your benefit, its a sharing site, for you to be exposed to other artists. Same with watching. Dont be stingy with your favs and watches. If you like an image, fav it, if you look at a Deviants gallery and like what they bring to the table, watch them. This isnt Myspace or Facebook or twitter, this isnt a place for others to wait breathlessly for your next move, its give and take. So start giving back. Participate. Make some new friends. And don't be so self involved. Chances are, there's a few thousand people on here that are better artists than you, be they models or photographers, traditionalists, or craftsman. Keep that it mind the next time you just log on to upload a Deviation and don't so much as glance at others work.

  Fav it ! by Rafido  :thumb98557313: :thumb121779445: Fav the Artist, not the Club by poserfan friends STAMP by peterdzign My Fav's favs Stamp by violetsteel Fav Plz Stamp by Phaiyle
                                        I appreciate all support :D by rJoyceyy Just Fav It by lostforeveragain:thumb135687595: Don't we all? by Snuf-Stamps
                                        Faving by Cpr-Covet:thumb188127635: first emoticons ::lovefavsplz: by AngelLale87 Every Little Fave Counts by End--Quote
                                        I'm a big fan of +fav by Eilyn-Chan:thumb145462917: Really Watch Me Stamp by Adreos Thanks for watch by muslma
                                        Being Watched...Stamp by Roxx-1 Don't Watch for Watchers Stamp by lightpurge Fav and Watch Stamp by Rolandvz:thumb146210534:
                                        Stamp - Watch Me by firstfear
Another problem, one that I am guilty of, is the lack of quality male art on this site. Sure, theres some, but women are the majority here, both as Deviants, and as subjects. I really need to start photographing more men, and add a little spice to the sugar in my gallery. If any of you know of some great Deviants with male subjects, let me know.

On another note, I have been loving the Facebook pages of fellow Deviants, and have spammed my friends with my mass likes recently. My page can be found here…;
comment with yours so that I can exasperate my friends with more likes ;)

Also, since my last new watcher feature, I have received over 200 new watches.....and really, really do not think I would have the patience for that kind of feature. So if you haven't been featured by me before, and would like to be, let me know, and I'll dedicate a feature for you. At least that way I can figure out if this journal is being read ;)

credits: Rafidoluceskywalker An-Unsure-Thing poserfan peterdzign violetsteel Phaiyle rJoyceyy
lostforeveragain HoshiBerryPixels Snuf-Stamps Cpr-Covet Jamasia AngelLale87 End--Quote
Eilyn-Chan 0ffin Adreos muslma Roxx-1 lightpurge Rolandvz slawomiro firstfear

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Could be that they deleted their faves? I do that sometimes. I clean up my gallery and favourites and remove anything that's been deleted and so on.
Who knows? People are a mystery. :iconwoooplz:
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Thanks for adding the :+devwatch: link. I think what they are doing is really a good thing. :heart:
OlMountainWoman's avatar
:D I do to, its been a lot of drama, but I like the goal
MiaLuyando's avatar
I look for AWESOME Deviants each day who have been overshadowed and need some attention! If you'll note me with who YOU find, I'll note you with who I find and then we can just feature on and on. :nod:

And I'd love to have a feature from you. What an honor! The same applies in reverse... I'd love to feature you.

I have some private male stock that I need to post. *AngellesFleshStock I'll add it to my journal as soon as I round them up and get them set on my stock account.

OlMountainWoman's avatar
OOOh, sounds great! I always find quite a few Deviants everyday who deserve a little DA love! Ill do a large feature for you and your stock account next journal!
MiaLuyando's avatar
Wow thank you!! I'll get to work uploading those male stock photos!!! :)
godasleep's avatar
Hope you'll have fun on your trip.
I have tons of favs but I'm not active like I used to be. What bothers me is how underexposed some great artists are while artists with mediocre works are overly exposed. I clicked on the Facebook link of the art thief but it said the page can't be found.
OlMountainWoman's avatar
That is a serious problem that I have with this site. How Deviants who dont produce any form of art, just troll, are more popular and get more attention than some absolutely amazing artists! The art thief blocked their page from non members after I first posted about them.
godasleep's avatar
Glad I'm not the only one having a problem with this issue. Exactly! I don't get how a mediocre poem that a grade schooler can write get so many favs and comments. Smh. Oh. I see. I'm aware of art thieves but I still don't watermark my art because well, they're crappy. lol.
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for me personally, i love the faves and the watches, as far as giving them out. my favorites galleries are getting so big, that i am going to have to get a premium membership so that i can get those awesome sub gallery folders, because when i do a new work, i cant find the awesome stock in my galleries because they are so big lol.

i work all day and most of the time i am really bored, as i have found my love for art again, i browse all day faving and admiring the so many talented artists out there. a few of them have noted me on the side to make sure that i wasnt an art theif or anything because i fave so much of their works, which i can understand their concern of course. i just love and admire so much art that is out there and time and again i am amazed at what i see, so i cant help but hit the fave button, i think i am actually obsessed with the fave button lol.

as far as the male model stuff, you are right that there is not as much out there for that, but for me personally, i am ok, i like the female stock, i love the long elegant soft lines of the femail form, and there is so much you can change or alter or enhance, i am basicaly cluess at what to do with male model stuff. i generally do not like the male manipulations either, i know that may be biased of me, but, there are a few out there that are so incredibly beautiful that i did fave them, and made a mention to the artist that i normally dont like male manips but their works were so incredible that i had to fave it.

as far as facebook theifs, there is a deviant group, not sure if you are aware of, but its deviant artists providing links to known art theif sites [link]
OlMountainWoman's avatar
Wow, thanks for the link to the group, Ill pass on the word about it. I adore the female form, its by far my favorite subject to photograph, but I really need to remember the other gender a little bit more when Im on one of my faving streaks...they can be quite handsome and sexy to, if not as much as the women. I actually got a note from DeviantArt today that I was faving and giving llamas too much too fast, and that I had tripped their spam filter :ohnoes:
which I had no idea you could do! So I had to take a break and let Deviant catch up lol.
pjenz's avatar
i heard you could do that, give out too much and they tag you as spam, someone else said that too. your right about women, i have always loved the female form. i remember taking an art class when i was in hs and we had a bare naked male model, i was like 15 at the time in a room full of college kids who seemed used to it, for me though, it was extremely uncomfortable, i blushed the whole time. since then, whenever i drew, i was a sketch artist when i was younger, i used to always draw my friends when we skipped lunch and hung out in the bathrooms at school, i found the love for the female form, dont know why, the neck and shoulders are so elegant and they have the beautiful soft edges and they are so beautiful to draw. the manipulations make that easy and when i see a beautiful photo, wheither it is an actual photo or a manipulation, i have to point out the beautiful lines.

that being said, i am not opposed to men, i LOVE men lol, but, as far as beauty goes, i think it takes a special artist, whether a sketch artist, a photographer, or a manip artist, to make the male form beautiful. i say beautiful so as not to confuse with the word hot or gorgeous or sexy or whatever, i think of art as beauty, and it is very hard to make a man look beautiful, i think its a stereotype or something, like a man shuld be tough and rough around the edges, fascinating to be sure to look at, but not neccessarily beautiful.

dont get me wrong, there are artists that can make the male form look masculine and beautiful at the same time, and i make sure to give them props for that, because i think it would be very hard. i have a few in my favorite artist gallery folder, one in particular stands out, i cant find it readily yet, as i have to browse through countless pages in my gallery, but its of a male angel kneeling down, like he is taking a punishment or he is sorry for his own actions, i have to go look for it now lol, it is so beautiful, so heartbreaking, but yet it does not take away from his masculinity at all, its gorgoues..

anyway, if you get into the male gender stuff, i look forward to seeing your work because you are very talented and i would be eager to see you portray or rather let us see how you see the male form, i look forward to that.

yes that link is great and they update it usually every other day with a text file you can download, completly safe, it gives you and updated list of websites you can check for yourself.
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
..your link doesn't work!
OlMountainWoman's avatar
They just deactivated their account
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
Amen to that! ..and some has no gallery and no favs?! so what are they doing here..steal maybe! So true!
OlMountainWoman's avatar
Most have a gallery, usually a beautiful one, but no favs, or if they do have favs, its of features of their work.
redninjarnotalone's avatar
Wow really not even one favorite that incredible hehe :giggle: just check how many fav's I have I think I need a limit ^^; for fav's :XD:
OlMountainWoman's avatar
LOL, I actually just went through your favs not to long ago, ans was shocked at the amount. Its one of the largest fav galleries that Ive seen so far.
redninjarnotalone's avatar
Oh really? :icontinoplz: hehe you see I need restrictor for so many favs but somehow I'm proud of all my favs :B :XD:
OlMountainWoman's avatar
Be proud, it in no way has a negative affect to your profile, and think about all the wonderful works in there! People really shouldnt be so darn stingy with their favs.
redninjarnotalone's avatar
You are right I don't understand how can't they have an inspiration or at least a favorite photography if they aren't photographers and vice versa they have to appreciate other arts right?
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