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I've been tagged by :iconadonovan94: and tasked to provide thirteen facts about myself and answer thirteen questions.

Facts about myself
1. I'm a Finnish guy in his twenties who considers himself old already.
2. I like all colors for their pros and cons. It depends on my mood what color I happen to like more at the moment.
3. My favorite proverb: "No pain, no gain".
4. I'm full of goals and ideas, yet too passive to act upon them most of the time.
5. I'm a philosophical individual who heavily leans into existentialism. I reconsider my values every single day.
6. I get through my every day by escapism (literature and music, mostly). 
7. I'm a highly tolerant individual, but I've got certain lines. I often find myself outraged at suffering and injustice in fiction, especially when it's left unanswered.
8. In addition to Deviantart, I use TV Tropes and FanFiction.
9. I prefer darkness over light as an occasional night owl.
10. I'm a perfectionist, and it greatly contributes to my hesitation to take action and get through the project.
11. I have learned to appreciate specific heroes and villains, especially if they're anti-heroes or anti-villains.
12. I believe in equality, versatility, tolerance and to certain point, anarchy (in a "small communities over nations" manner).
13. The classic literature character I'd like to be: The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas).


1. Favourite music track (musical, movie theme, mainstream, anything)?
- The Count of Monte Cristo (the Wildhorn-Murphy musical). Jammin' 

2. Do you play video games? If so, which would you like to get a Hollywood make-over? Or be adapted to TV "Game of Thrones" style?
- I've played many video games in my life though I'm less obsessed these days. The ones I'd like to either get a "Hollywood make-over" or to be adapted to TV would be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. Jade Empire would be another great option.

3. Favourite fanfiction world to write/read in? Why?
- No particular favorite. All fanfiction worlds have their pros and cons.

4. What is the greatest moral any piece of fiction has taught you?
- Good and evil are largely a matter of perspective. One cannot exist without the other. Most things are rarely black and white — rather, they're of various shades of grey. Angels of Yin and Yang 

5. Favourite villain? Favourite Hero? (the two do not have to be connected)
- Ahmanet (The Mummy, 2017) and Caesar (Planet of the Apes reboot film series).

6. Have you ever read the novelisation of a movie/game/anything, and if so, which was your favourite and why?
- I can't recall any such novelisation. Shrug 

7. Are you a dragon fanatic like me? If so, who's the best?
- I like dragons, though not enough to qualify as a fanatic. Smaug (The Hobbit) would be the best I know of so far. 

8. Name the worst book you've ever had to sit through?
- I've read so many books that I can't recall the absolute worst. Roll Eyes 

9. Do you prefer the old type of Disney villains - diabolical, glorious in their revelry of their evilness? Or do you prefer the new type of Disney villains - where we don't actually know they're the villains until 2/3 of the way through for a plot "twist"?
- This is a tricky question. Sweating a little... Both versions have their pros and cons, but I believe I lean slightly more toward the latter variety.

10. What was the hardest thing you've ever had to write/draw/create and why?
- Another tricky question. I'll give as the answer my future hardest project to write: The Hero of the Princess of Persia. It shall be an homage to the original 1989 Prince of Persia video game. It's still in the middle of planning, and it's going to be a long story, but it WILL be done. I salute you! 

11. Do you overthink any piece of entertainment waaaaaay too much? If so, explain the craziest of the bunch.
- My dear readers, there's no point in singling out any piece of entertainment I overthink too much. Enough said. :bademoticon: 

12. What's your ultimate power couple?
- Lord Shen and Lady Lianne from The Vow by :iconadonovan94:.

13. Tell me about one piece you are most proud of. What inspired you? What was the creative process like? What sets it apart from all your other projects?
- The Seven, my second fanfiction posted both in Deviantart and FanFiction. It was written as exploration of the different characters and motives of the members of the Soul Eaters, the main villainous faction in Michelle Pavers's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. It was done by taking into account various details scattered throughout all the six books and leading those details onto intriguing roads. It's set apart from my other currently finished projects due to the used dedication in regards to the quality and the subsequent satisfaction I rarely enjoy.

My Questions to those I'm tagging down below:
1. What's your favorite work of fiction (literature, video games, movies...)?
2. Who's your favorite hero/villain in any piece of fiction?
3. Do you have any favorite music track?
4. What sort of art you prefer here in Deviantart? 
5. Has Deviantart anyhow contributed to your values and world view? If so, how?
6. What do you think a good piece of art requires? List at most 3 traits please.
7. Do you believe that there's no definite depiction of good and evil (both are a matter of perspective)?
8. If you could be a certain fictional character for one day, whom you would choose?
9. What inspired you to join Deviantart?
10. Can you reveal a piece of your art that you consider your best one? Why do you consider it to be your best piece of art?
11. Do you prefer drawing over writing? Watching over reading?
12. Which artist here in Deviantart you believe would earn prizes the most? Why?
13. Do you have ambition to contribute to the art archives of Deviantart in the future? Yes or no shall suffice.

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I knew a llama once. At least I thought I knew him. I mean, how well can anyone really know anyone, much less a llama. With their air of mystery and thinly veiled contempt. It’s hard. But I digress.
His name was Kevin. But for reasons I will never understand, he would only ever answer to Albert. Identity issues aside, things started out okay. The usual introductory sniffing and sneezing went well, despite his allergies, but then things started going downhill during the ritual licking phase of the pleasantries. We pushed through. And had it not been for the spitting, we might have even been able to make it work, but alas, after just 3 seconds of bittersweet brotherhood, we finally decided to part ways. It’s kind of sad, when you think about it. Spitting seems like such an innocent thing to fight over, but he was pretty adamant that I should stop and that was just never going to happen. We might have overcome that issue, but Kevin, like all llamas, was very competitive. First came the stench competitions. Then it was belching contests. And lastly, a painstaking count to see which one was hairier. You can clearly see why our relationship was doomed. The poor fellow was a bit of a sore loser.
So he snuck out, taking with him a failed friendship, an obliviously optimistic dread of the future, and my sixth favorite toothbrush. Now that he is gone, I can honestly say, it's for the best. He was too much of a chick magnet anyway and who needs that drama? :shakefist:

Full disclaimer, as Kevin’s official biographer, a position of which he blackmailed me into (don’t ask), I’ve been instructed to inform you about his ongoing series. The journey starts here with The Kevin Chronicles - Chapter 1, and this gallery contains the rest. You should check it out.

*End of cue card*

And don't worry, they're pretty short.
No pressure though, only if you want.

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