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Somewhat Realistic Altaria

Location  Hoenn Region
Made another of these realistic Pokémon drawings. Haven't been able to draw much since there's loads of crap to pack as I'm moving soon but I managed to make an Altaria drawing. Out of the many bird species this Pokémon could be portrayed as, I went with a goose because its Pokedex entry in Pokémon Shield reminded me of the behavior of a Canada goose. And if you look up what a Sebastopol goose is, you'll see that geese can reach such floof levels. Anyways here's a load of "facts" about my interpretation of Altaria.

Altaria is a rather widespread species of avian Pokémon found across multiple regions, and first found in Hoenn. Also called the humming Pokémon, Altaria makes a wide range of vocalizations, including one that resembles human humming, and some find its cries to be soothing. Notable body features of this bird are its plumage: Altaria has a bright blue head and tail feathers, but its torso has mostly long, white curly feathers giving it a fluffy appearance that has been described as "cloud-like". It also has two long blue feathers sprouting from the back of its head. These feathers are believed to be used for display and are present in both genders, and start developing from infancy. Altaria belongs in the waterfowl family along with Swanna and Farfetch'd, but despite the name of the family it is mostly terrestrial and doesn't frequent the water. These large birds, growing up to 1.1 meters tall, are mainly herbivorous and feed mostly off grass, and have tooth-like projections on their tongue and beak to aid them in grazing. These projections, however, can also be used in defence, and although it is mainly docile, Altaria can become highly aggressive if any Pokémon or humans approach its young and eggs, and will relentlessly chase down anything getting too close to its brood.

Altaria nest in various habitats, including near human settlements, and their young are commonly called Swablu. While Swablu have white wings similar to their adult counterparts, their torsos are still light blue and have yet to develop the elaborate curly white feathers. However, they are born already having the long plumes on the head, though these are rather short and will grow longer with age. Swablu that have hatched near human settlements often grow to have little to no fear of humans and the young birds learn to fly at a young age. As such, Swablu may walk up to humans for food, and many are known to land on the heads of people and just sit there like a hat. However, parent Altaria are often aggressive towards anything near their young and may thus attack humans too close to the Swablu. As there are less predators around towns, Altaria seem to be nesting closer and closer to urban areas and the risk of attack on humans keeps rising.

A rather common predatory mammal of the Hoenn region, Mightyena is a medium-sized carnivoran known for its shaggy, black mane of fur on its back. These Pokémon are social and commonly form packs of up to 10 individuals which may hunt large prey cooperatively. These packs have a strict hierarchy and members follow the lead of the alpha. Perhaps due to this, successfully trained individuals will show great loyalty towards human trainers and thus many beginner trainers of Hoenn tend to use them, and they are also used by various members of the criminal organizations Team Aqua and Team Magma. Some Mighyena may leave their packs and wander alone. These tend to hunt smaller prey and may wander into towns, attracted by the smell of food waste. This one, however, has soon learned that Swablu are hard to catch as their parents are fiercely defensive.

Also Altaria is a dragon type for some reason. I'm not sure I'll ever understand why.
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A goose with the phenomenal destructive power of a dragon... Absolutely Perfect.

How many unlucky trainers have gotten a flogging after picking up a Swablu, I wonder?

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Truly understanding this destructive power is battling Winona without any ice type moves on the team. And I bet quite a few people having gotten too close to a small cute bird not knowing about the parents of it.

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Just get a mudsdale to kick em

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Saw the video of a horse kicking a goose too huh?