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October 7, 2012
Taking realism to the next level... 100% vector Viper GTS by ~ollite20.
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100% vector Viper GTS

Something I've been working on lately. Another vector car and yes, another Viper GTS. Still one of my definite favourite cars.

I photographed the base image at the American Car Show 2012 held on the Easter weekend in Helsinki, Finland. I removed the wing, turned on the lights and vectorized a nice set of spinning wheels on it.

GIF animation of the wips: [link]

Close-up shots at 500% size: [link]

Base image: [link]
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that looks awesome

My dream car. Love the original Dodge Viper. Certain racing games with that car and color scheme brought me to it.
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Wooooo Nice!!!  Very Realistic!!! Clap Epic clap 
help help help ??? i need car art ! i need vector images ? i want to use these images on a commercial scale ...... i need other art also and am willing to ad to my designs a logo to give credit to the artist . im happy to pay for image also .... let it be known that my idea is nowhere on the market and will take off like wildfire so jump on board if you want maximum exposure and have vectors not jpegs i can use .........., to learn more about my product and if you think you can help contact me at
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Dam man, that is shit hot! :clap:
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wonrerful work,write tutorial please,thanks.!
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You can get a pretty good idea on how it was made by examining the 500% close-ups. ;)
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Oh now this is delectably glossy. Nicely done. :thumbsup:
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god thats crazy i can barely tell that is vector it looks so real!
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Much appreciated!
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That is amazing! I love the spinning wheels. I'll have to use yours as inspiration for a set I was trying to do.
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Thanks, much appreciated. Link your work to me when you're done!
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no way this is vector ! you re a god !!! xD
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It indeed is! Thanks for the praise. :D
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This is just... amazing!!! fav here!
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I fell on my ass when I read it was done in vectors... Incredible :wow:
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Hahah, I'm glad it had a proper effect. Much appreciated!
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:wave: Hi there! Your wonderful picture has been featured!
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