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Star Wars - The force Awakens

Based on the original Olly Moss style OT posters
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Is there a chance you do a "The Last Jedi" and "Rogue One" art print?
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Impressive, most impressive!
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It's absolutely genius! The only thing I don't like is the distorted STAR WARS logo. Compare it to the official logo and you'll notice several differences, especially on both S's.
FALLENV3GAS's avatar
One of the best posters out there for Force Awakens. Love everything about it :D
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Glorious! Man, that's so goood! I love Olly Moss works and, as I can see, he has great influence on you :). Also, this one is the best from your other 4 SW posters. I think you really have spent a lot of time on it, did you? ;)

PS. I probably fcked up last sentence xD. I mean, I still have a lot of problems with english grammar, it isn't my first language v_v .