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Captain America Retro Poster

Captain America - A retro style propaganda poster based on the 2011 movie

24" x 36" posters available. Contact me for prices.
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Hi.  So, people are shits.  I found a copy of this poster being sold for CA$11 by someone on Etsy as a cross stitch pattern (pop an image into a free converter, and you're done).…

There's a button down the bottom to report it as (your) stolen intellectual property.  I couldn't do it on your behalf.  But, yes, people are shit, and this image is awesome (and I totally get why someone thought it'd make a good cross stitch pattern).  But, you know, if you want people to stitch your art convert for yourself and etsy the hell out of it.  Because you make beautiful posters. 
I would like to purchase a poster of this.  What is your price?  Thanks!
What price do you think is reasonable for it? and Great job!
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Can I use this poster in one of my bedroom renders.? 
Hi I was wondering if I could get a price for this piece? I love it!
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This makes me wish more actual artists made movie posters! They've got to see things like this, and say, "Dang, that's a lot more effective than what we've been doing!"
Hi. Are you selling good quality file? I'm interested in purchase this image in .ai or PDF. file. Please contact Thanks
Im ready to buy this print now for my Nephews Birthday ... that are ya thinking price wise?
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Prints of this are available for purchase?
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Yes I am selling copies of this. Let me know if you are interested in buying.
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